15 Colors That Go With Blue and White

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Blue and white is an ultra-popular color combination, and for good reason. For one, there are a myriad of blue shades to choose from, so the color never feels overused, and white is always a classic choice. Not to mention, both hues are extremely versatile and will look just as good in a modern space as they would in a farmhouse or boho interior, which only adds to their appeal.


"Decorating with blue and white ... can run the gamut from coastal to traditional," says Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design. Designer Linda Hayslett of LH. Designs agrees, saying: "Blue and white is a great color combo for any style home. White contrasts so well off of any hue of blue that it can create a nice break in the color." Even though the timeless pair looks beautiful on its own, you may be looking to add some extra pizzazz in the form of an accent hue. "Adding a complementary color or mixing in a few analogous shades will elevate and give the space depth," Phillips says.

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So where do you even start? Well, since you asked, read on for some of our favorite colors to pair with blue and white.

15 Blue and White Color Combinations

1. Blue, White, and Red

This color grouping is so much more than simply patriotic. It's also timeless and can be incorporated into kid and adult spaces alike. In this little boy's room by designer Erin Gates, a classic red rug steals the show, while blue wallpaper provides a calming backdrop. Red and blue pillows and framed prints of cars add a cozy yet playful touch that ties the scheme together. And bonus: The area rug will fit right into a more grown-up room down the line.


2. Blue, White, and Tan

Add a soothing touch to any space with the color tan. This light brown hue instantly warms up a blue and white scheme and can work wonders in cozying up any room. For instance, in this oh-so-stylish living room by 2LG Studio, a tan painted ceiling adds depth to a lofty white and blue space. The crown molding and decorative trim are a sophisticated detail that keeps the ceiling and the walls from looking flat.


3. Blue, White, and Lilac

This charming bedroom design by Morgan Farrow Interiors makes use of another cool color: lilac. This pastel purple shade looks sweet as can be alongside blue and white, and since all of the colors are light, the mixture of patterns doesn't feel overwhelming. The brass chandelier adds a dash of warmth and a hint of glamour.



4. Blue, White, and Beige

Another versatile color that will never go out of style is beige. In this playroom by Mackenzie Horan the neutral hue grounds the bright space and allows all of the vibrant books and toys to do the talking. Not every single item in a kid-friendly room needs to flaunt bold primary colors; we're all for introducing subtle shades, too.


5. Blue, White, and Yellow

Blue, white, and sunny yellow shine in this darling hotel guest room by Nicola Harding. Bring the look into your own home with a bright yellow headboard. Or, if you're hesitant to introduce the golden hue into your space, start small with a pair of wall sconces, like the ones used here. A muted blue and white wallpaper pattern helps tone down the more vibrant colors.


6. Royal Blue, White, and Hot Pink

This pink hue is hot, hot, hot! If you're working with darker shades of blue, like the royal blue color that Black Lacquer Design used in this entryway, hot pink will be the perfect complement. White walls and accents keep the room from appearing too busy despite the eye-catching palette.



7. Blue, White, and Cream

The color cream can often be mistaken as dull or boring, but dismissing it so quickly would be a mistake. The neutral shade is a warm alternative to stark white, and it imbues a calming effect wherever it goes — which is perfect for a space that's all about rest and relaxation, like the bedroom. In this setup by Chango & Co., the cream walls with crisp white trim and carpet act as a sophisticated backdrop for a dreamy, curved blue sofa. An ivory upholstered headboard and matching bouclé bench add tonal contrast and a bit of texture.


8. Blue, White, and Terra Cotta

When working with a bold hue like terra cotta, it doesn't take much to make a statement. For example, in this bedroom by Chango & Co. the burnt orange color is used sparingly — in the form of a throw, a pair of accent pillows, and some artwork — and yet, even though it is surrounded by blue and white, it stands out the most. The light blue and white wallpaper and the navy headboard temper the warm shade and add refreshing contrast.


9. Blue, White, and Green

Why not go green? The color is extra trendy at the moment since it's currently considered the color of the year for 2022. Plus, the verdant hue adds an organic note and works so well with blue and white, as demonstrated in this dining room by Zoë Feldman. Here, olive green floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains frame the window and provide dramatic contrast alongside the muted blue wall color. Lush greenery and lustrous brass accents complete the luxe scene.


10. Blue, White, and Black

What do you get when you group together three ultra classic hues? A winning color combination. Stylish black shines in this blue and white bathroom by Black Lacquer Design. The ebony wall tile injects a modern edge and allows the patterned floor tile to take center stage. An unexpected old-school oil painting echoes the scheme and adds character.

11. Blue, White, and Natural Wood

If adding a third color to a blue and white scheme gives you pause, consider a more natural approach using wood. For example, in this seating area by Samantha Lund, the blue rug, sofas, and curtains provide a big dose of color, but thanks to the dark wood furniture pieces and an assortment of accent pillows, it doesn't feel overwhelming. The rich wood finish adds warmth, texture, and contrast resulting in a stylish setting that beckons you to sit and talk for a while.

12. Blue, White, and Light Pink

Feeling playful? Then, by all means, say yes to light pink, which looks right at home in this little girls' room by Jennifer Hunter. Between the blush wallpaper, curtains, and area rug, you almost miss the light blue headboard and matching bedskirts. The crisp white linens and matching pair of trunks provide a visual break from the sea of pink.


13. Blue, White, and Coral

If you like the idea of orange or red but want something a little less severe, take a look at the color coral. The reddish-orange hue is a bit lighter but still makes quite the impression. Here, in this bedroom design by Michelle Gage, the dark blue wallpaper and bed frame offer a dramatic tonal backdrop to the more vibrant pieces of home decor, like the bedding and coral chair. The curved silhouettes — of the headboard, lounge chair, and the trio of pendants — plus the mix of colors and patterns, offer loads of visual interest.

14. Blue, White, and Gold

Oftentimes, we see blue and white used in bathrooms due to their innate ability to bring calm to any space. And this powder room belonging to Joy Cho of Oh Joy! is no exception. However, adding gold to the mix gives the palette a little something extra, don't ya think? Here, the stunning pale blue wallpaper does a masterful job of incorporating the lustrous finish. The brass mirror, wall sconces, faucet, floor tile, and even the cabinet pulls add extra sparkle to the tiny space. And bonus: The gold finish used throughout will reflect light around the room, making it look and feel a bit larger than it actually is.

15. Blue, White, and Gray

Gray is another inherently relaxing hue, which makes it a perfect color for the bedroom, as proven by this handsome setup from BS/D. The navy blue walls amp up the drama while the light gray rug and bedding ensure that the scheme doesn't feel too dark or heavy. The leather accent chair, wooden bed frame, and hardwood flooring add just enough warmth.

The Best Colors to Pair With Blue and White

When it comes to selecting an accent color to pair with blue and white, there really isn't a right or wrong approach. It comes down to the overall mood you want to evoke in your space. If you've been dreaming of a light and airy refuge, perhaps a subtle shade of pink or a cool neutral color like gray is worth considering. Or if you are somewhat of a risk-taker, consider going with a bolder hue such as red or orange.

Remember to factor in the undertones present in the shades of blue and white. You can choose to either tone them down or complement them, depending on your preference. Either way, you'll find that the color wheel is a great tool to reference when it comes time to narrow down your palette.

Ready to get started? Here's a quick reminder of some of the best colors to pair with blue and white:

  • Red
  • Taupe
  • Lilac
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Hot pink
  • Cream
  • Terra cotta
  • Green
  • Black
  • Natural wood
  • Light pink
  • Coral
  • Gold
  • Gray



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