15 Colors That Go With Pink and Blue

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The colors pink and blue have a long-standing connection to girls and boys. Pink is viewed as a calming color with positive connotations such as romance, love, friendship, and innocence. Blue (also a calming color) connotes reliability and stability and its softer tones, in particular, aid in concentration.


In its palest iteration, pink can function as a neutral just as effectively as more popular colors like white, black, and gray. But in its most vibrant form, pink can breathe energy and life into any room. Whether you choose to go bold or understated, there's an unmistakable comfort that accompanies interiors that showcase the hue. Like pink, blue is also a relaxing color — which explains why it's often used in soothing spaces like bedrooms, offices, and dens.


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Although they're culturally viewed as opposites, pink and blue actually sit close to each other on the color wheel, making them a visually pleasing combo. At first glance, decorating with these two hues might seem only befitting in children's rooms, but they actually make a versatile pairing that works with a number of other colors. The trick to elevating the duo and making it appear more sophisticated is to be mindful of the saturation level: Pastels have a more juvenile association while assertive shades and jewel tones look richer and more sophisticated. Pair lighter shades of pink with stronger blue hues or vice versa. Or make sure additional colors have a presence that add some edge to the pairing.


"I love the combination of pale pink, emerald, and blue. They complement each other so well and remind me of beautiful gemstones. The combination works in so many spaces — bedrooms, powder rooms, even living spaces. I would add whites, creams, and natural wood tones with pinks, emeralds, and blues to complete the look," says Mary Patton, founder and principal designer of Mary Patton Design. There are endless ways to integrate pink and blue into a design scheme including paint, furniture, tile, and wallpaper. If you're curious about introducing these shades to your color palette, but aren't ready to commit, try them out with low-cost accessories that can be swapped out quickly and easily like flowers, vases, pillows, or throws.


Now that we've given you a lot to think about, here are some of our favorite hues to pair with the playful duo.

15 Pink and Blue Color Combinations

1. Pink, Blue, and Black

While pink and blue appear together often in kids' rooms, don't count them out for use in more grown-up spaces. With a heavy dose of black, the sweet shades suddenly appear more sophisticated and mysterious. Take this luxe bedroom by Black Lacquer Design where ebony accents and bedding add a welcome dose of drama to the surrounding light pink walls. The light blue bench and abstract artwork make for a decidedly more mature look.



2. Pink, Blue-Green, and Peach

Bold shades of pink and blue can be visually arresting. For a neutral scheme with a twist, start with a subtle foundation and pepper in pink and blue, in the form of home decor and furniture. Angie Hranowsky opted to introduce warmth — which is often missing in stark all-white spaces — with peach and applied it to the walls. Next, the designer added a pair of coral midcentury lounge chairs along with a teal area rug and matching throw pillows. The large canvas above the sofa echoes the vibrant color scheme.


3. Pink, Blue, and Purple

When in doubt about a palette, look to the color wheel to establish base hues. For example, blue and red are the base of purple, so pairing the two (and their various tints, such as pink) will result in a pleasing combination. In this minimalist dining room, 2LG Studio showcases a playful mix of midcentury-inspired chairs in analogous shades of muted blue, purple, and pink. The pastel hues look cohesive despite their disparate shades. The addition of plenty of wood tones gives the space a peaceful Scandinavian feeling.


4. Pink, Blue-Green, and Gold

Elevate a pink and blue palette with gold accents in an elegant cook space. Naked Kitchens put a unique (and glamorous) spin on the practical backsplash, opting for a band of aged brass in lieu of more predictable ceramic tile. The glinty metal adds warmth and character to the teal and soft pink color pairing.



5. Pink, Blue, and Rust

An often overlooked earth tone that introduces warmth and color without overwhelming a palette is rust. In this eclectic living room by Dabito of Old Brand New, the burnt-orange shade gets a luxe makeover in tactile materials such as the velvet sofa upholstery. With its shared red undertones, the pale pink accent wall and area rug make a stunning backdrop, while an assortment of throw pillows and artwork add visual interest and even more contrast.


6. Pink, Navy Blue, and Emerald Green

For a fresh take on the classic pink and blue pairing, add emerald green. Located opposite one another on the color wheel, pink and green are complementary colors that look great together in a variety of tones. For example, in this cozy seating area, navy blue walls, blush-hued loveseats, and a dark green coffee table look made for each other. The slightly lighter blue area rug and abstract artwork brighten things up a bit, without taking anything away from the moody scene.


7. Pink, Blue, and White

It goes without saying that white pairs well with everything, so adding it to a pink and blue color palette is a no-brainer. Plus, the classic neutral will offer a welcome visual respite from the more dominant hue. In this living room, the white ceiling and floor allow the dusty rose shade used on the walls and the buit-in shelving unit to really pop. A muted blue sofa and colorful books and decor inject additional color and interest without making the space feel too busy.


8. Pink, Blue, and Taupe

Sure, pink and blue look splendid alongside neutral hues such as white, beige, and cream, but if you're looking for a bit more depth and contrast, consider subbing in taupe — a warm shade with hints of gray and brown. Heidi Caillier used the versatile shade for the curtains in this charming living room, which imbue an organic earthiness to the blush pink and navy blue scheme.

9. Pink, Blue, and Red

At first glance, a red and pink pairing might seem off-limits thanks to its inextricable association with Valentine's Day. And while we admit that the high-contrast combo takes some guts, the results are full of personality and life as witnessed in this bathroom by Jamie Haller. Here, the dazzling duo — represented by a red and pink floral wallpaper design — is tempered by wall paneling and trim coated in a muted shade of blue. An elegant clawfoot tub perched right below the window is the perfect finishing touch.

10. Pink, Blue, and Sage Green

Sage green is a versatile shade that introduces a welcome organic quality to interiors. It is a cool color so it can tone down bold hues or complement soft ones, as witnessed in this living room by Jessica Helgerson. Here, a blush-colored lounge chair and a pair of green curved sofas soften the linear architecture and balance the dark navy blue settee, resulting in an elegant setup perfect for entertaining.


11. Pink, Blue, and Mustard Yellow

If a striking color palette is what you're after, it's hard to beat a vibrant pairing of fuchsia, turquoise, and mustard yellow. It's a daring combo, especially in a bedroom, but Angie Hranowsky manages to pull it off with aplomb thanks to a mostly pattern-free scheme. An intricately carved Victorian headboard, heavy silk textiles, and eye-catching colors complete the eclectic refuge.

12. Pink, Blue, and Burgundy

Pink, blue, and burgundy make a harmonious color pairing, particularly ripe for cocoon-like spaces, à la this cozy bedroom by Arent & Pyke. The wine-colored headboard adds a masculine note that looks lovely next to the paler blush-hued bedding. The luxe velvet material adds a richness that balances the cool navy blue walls.

13. Pink, Blue, and Beige

Give pink and blue a decidedly contemporary makeover by opting for furniture with streamlined silhouettes. In this soothing living room by Leanne Ford, craftsman-style architecture — flaunting dark wood millwork, white board and batten paneling, and beige walls — is a charming backdrop to pink and blue upholstered furniture with curved profiles. A plush area rug adds softness and a graphic element that anchors the pastel palette.

14. Pink, Blue, and Tan

There is no denying that hot pink and royal blue are quite the vibrant pair, but that doesn't mean that the combo can only be used sparingly. Follow the lead of this living room by Glamour Nest, and temper the hues with a neutral color like tan. Here, the earthy shade is represented with wallpaper on the upper three-quarters of the walls while crisp white picture frame molding is displayed below. As beautifully demonstrated, the classic color pairing has a calming effect on the bolder pink and blue shades used throughout the space.

15. Pink, Blue, Turquoise, and Orange

If you really want to go bold, layer neon shades of blue and pink with punchy turquoise and orange. This cheerful banquette is bursting with personality thanks to an unexpected combo of bright colors and eye-catching, abstract prints. Cinder block walls and poured concrete steps are industrial elements that impart a masculine note.

The Best Colors to Pair With Pink and Blue

Blue and pink color pairings have evolved from the bedrooms of girls and boys to more grown-up spaces. Due in part to its compatibility with a myriad of other shades and decor styles. When trying to select an accent color to go with your pink and blue scheme, it really all depends depending on the overall look and feel that you want to evoke in your space. Saturated shades of blue and pink look contemporary next to neutrals such as bright white and black. For a more traditional palette, pair soft shades of blue and pink with soothing colors like sage green, cream, and taupe. Whenever possible, get fabric swatches and paint samples so you can get a better idea of how all the colors in your palette will work together.

If you're still feeling stumped, here's a recap of some of our favorite shades to pair with the combo:

  • Black
  • Peach
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Rust
  • Emerald green
  • White
  • Taupe
  • Red
  • Sage green
  • Mustard yellow
  • Burgundy
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Turquoise
  • Orange



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