Boring Hallway No More: Our Guide to a Chic Hallway Space at Home

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We obviously enjoy peeking into other people's homes and seeing how they make use of their spaces. And we're constantly blown away by their creativity, especially when it comes to areas you might not think about often. Take, for example, the humble hallway. It gets us from one part of our home to another and often feels more like a space we pass through rather than a decor opportunity. But we're here to tell you that hallways deserve some love, too. And there are a few ways to make them more interesting for both yourself and future guests.

Before you get started, take stock of your hallway. What are the measurements for the walls, ceilings, and floors? What areas, like electrical outlets and light switches, do you need to work around? How much space do you have to add furniture?


And be sure to keep in mind ​how​ you use the hallway. If it's a space where you walk often, try to use storage to its maximum potential. On the other hand, ​do​ pick decor that you'll be happy to see every day in a high traffic hallway.

Here are some more tips for adding a little extra something to your hallway, whether it's in a large or small space:

Hallway Design Inspiration

Although it might not seem like you have a ton of space to play with when it comes to your hallway, even the smallest addition can make a big difference.

Start with thinking about the floor. See how you can incorporate a rug using the space you have available. For narrow hallways, consider finding a runner that matches your style. Browse through general rug sections, too, as most designs come in multiple sizes.

We love the way the space above uses a bright rainbow rug to add a bit of whimsy to the hallway. If you want a more minimal look, opt for a black-and-white rug.

Don't be afraid to get creative with paint, too. Consider a pop of color here and there. This space keeps the walls neutral but uses shades of blue on the floor and doorways in an unexpected way.

If you can't paint your space, opt for wallpaper. Find a design that mimics the feel of a brick wall or choose a bold, artsy pattern to up the ante. Use it for the entire wall or just above the wall trim (depending on your space).

Think of the hallway space as another opportunity to set up a gallery wall — even if that just means two or three frames. Line art prints up in a row with the same size frames to create symmetry as your guests walk down the hallway. Or get creative and pair various sizes of frames together — especially useful if you've got an awkward nook or cranny.


Incorporate items that might make your hallway more inviting. Try setting up a few plants throughout or at the end of the hallway. Pick a mirror that's practical and stylish. Recreate some of the elements of an entryway (especially if the hallway ​is​ your entryway) like baskets for storage and a shoe rack.

Hallway Lighting Inspiration

This might be a decor element for the hallway you think about immediately — lighting options. It might not seem like the most fun part of decorating your hallway but it's an important one and it ​can​ be aesthetically pleasing, too. There are a few hallway lighting ideas we are especially swooning over.

We love the decision to use a wall sconce or two to add a midcentury modern vibe to your space, along with some much-needed illumination. If you have a smaller hallway and don't necessarily want to add anything to the walls, consider placing a couple of statement lamps on an entryway table. Or get creative and use your ceilings to hang a decorative light or two — like these pendant lighting ideas.

Hallway Storage Ideas

The hallway can often turn into a space to toss things right when you get home. Before things get too messy, brainstorm how you can incorporate storage in a stylish way. For starters, use any extra wall space to add hooks where you can hang accessories, umbrellas, and keys to reduce clutter. If you're feeling crafty, make these DIY leather and wood wall hooks for a chic look. Consider adding a shelf with space for extra items and also a few decorative ones (like small vases or ceramics).

Look for benches or ottomans with built-in storage to get a two-in-one function. And don't forget to add baskets in whatever spots they might fit. Use them to store blankets, books, mail, or accessories. Other items that you can repurpose for storage include bar carts, ladders, and hampers. Get creative and see what you might already have at home to increase your storage options.


Hallway Furniture Ideas

Adding furniture to your hallway might seem like a move that just takes up more space, but it can add to both the look and practicality of the space. Some of our favorite hallway furniture ideas do both. Take, for instance, this lovely bench which can double as a space to stash your shoes and add a storage basket or two. We also love the idea of keeping a plant nearby to add some greenery to your hallway.

For an equally chic look with even more organizational purpose, consider a console like this sleek one. Add a mirror and a trinket holder or two and it's a bonafide vanity area to enjoy before you leave for the day. If you love a vintage look, add a telephone table for a midcentury modern twist.

No matter the style you go for, look for pieces that can blend in with your current aesthetic while also giving you more space to keep odds and ends.

Go forth and get creative with your hallway — it will make getting home at the end of the day that much sweeter.


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