25 Decorative Accents Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf

If you spend any time on Pinterest or flipping through decor magazines, you've definitely come across beautifully styled bookshelves. And they are goals. They look so effortlessly put together and often unattainable. However, pulling off a curated bookshelf doesn't have to send you into debt, nor do you need a degree in design. Here are 25 items under $50 that can be used to create Instagram-worthy "shelfies" of your own.


25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: Jayson Home

What's a record, you ask? Oh, young one, grab this book and get a lesson in music history. For those over a certain age, take a walk down memory lane.

Whether you were a fan of the 1980s New York art scene or not, this book is a must-see.

25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: Anthropologie

If you're into the California vibe, look no further. Nathan nails it.


25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: Etsy

Here at Hunker, we fully embrace vintage finds for the home — it's a perfect way to add character to any room.

25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: Target

The natural cut and crystal-like design catches the eye, and is a stunner on its own. In fact, books need not apply.

25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: West Elm

So glamorous. F. Scott Fitzgerald would most certainly approve.

Picture Frames

A neutral color in a classic shape is always a design two thumbs up.

We love the feminine scalloped edges on this frame. And did we mention that it's made of marble?

Copper and gold are two can't-fail metals. We see this gracing a deco-modern masculine space.

Your favorite photos of friends, family, and furry ones will be front and center in these simple, classic frames.


So much detail at such a good price.

With or without flowers, this plump little planter is just perfect.

Fill this with succulents or air plants to add low-maintenance greenery to your shelves.


These are perfect for concealing useful but unsightly items.

So, it's intended to hold tea, but we've got much bigger plans for it.

This vintage midcentury cutie is something that Mom may have had on her shelf, and that's a good thing.


This set would be right at home in a traditional living room.

Hanelmann has been making pottery since the 1970s — they know what they're doing.

This jar is an ideal balance of form and function.


Each one of these doves is handmade from porcelain, and topped with a 22-karat gold tail tip.

25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: Studio Arhoj

Say hello to my little friend. Each earthenware handmade ghost is unique — you just tell them the color range you're looking for. I mean, honestly.

Cute and cheeky. Ikea can do no wrong.

We can't decide which finish we like best, so we'll take both.

25 Items Under $50 to Style a Bookshelf
credit: Modish

Not really meant to tell time, but definitely meant to be mesmerizing to watch when flipped over.

A little bling can never hurt.

Jaclyn Schatzow

Jaclyn Schatzow

Jaclyn Schatzow is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA