The Best Kitchen Tables Under $100

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Home is where the kitchen table is — it's there for sharing meals, doing work, plopping down during an afternoon break, sipping coffee, and telling end-of-day stories. It arguably gets the most use out of any piece of furniture in your house. And if you're using something all of the time, it's got to be a good one.


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Luckily you don't have to spend a fortune on your new dinnertime sidekick. Here are nine of our favorite kitchen tables under $100.

1. Veikous Industrial Brown Dining Table, $83.19

Mixing brown and black is no longer taboo. In fact, it's the secret to bringing together your warm woods and modern metallics. By combining the two in this industrial table, you can create a cohesive kitchen design that screams warm contemporary. Add in a fun backsplash and watch your kitchen come together beautifully.

2. International Concepts Unfinished Bardwell Small Drop Leaf Dining Table, $89.24

If the standard kitchen table isn't doing it for you, then we have just the piece for you. This smaller kitchen table is neutral enough to go with any style and compact enough to tuck away when not in use. Plus, both sides fold down to make it even smaller if needed.

3. FDW Dining Table Kitchen Table, $76.99

Make dinnertime an occasion with this rich chocolate brown table. It perfectly complements all of the warm neutrals in your already existing space, making it ideal for a quick kitchen makeover. Plus, by putting it near a window, you can take advantage of that gorgeous dark-light contrast.


4. IKEA Lerhamn Light Antique Dining Table, $99

Fit the entire family and the in-laws with this table. A soft wood allows for gentler energy in your kitchen as you cook up one of your signature dishes. Add in upholstered seating or modernize the look with more minimal chairs. If you love the look of a wooden kitchen, have a look at these ideas to incorporate more wood into your space.

5. Bacyion Dining Table with Clear Tempered Glass Top, $96.99

This sleek table is ready to level up each meal at your house (even if it's cheese and crackers for dinner). For a modern look, pair it with some neutral kitchen chairs. If you want something a little funky, add a splash of color with your seating.

6. Furniture of America Tays Rustic Black Counter Table, $99.99

Bring out your inner rustic with this table. With a sturdy silhouette, you can do some serious food serving without worrying about its durability.

7. 28 Colors Granite Dining Table, $84.62


This table is giving us some serious industrial-chic vibes. With minimal touches and a modern silhouette, this timeless piece is going to add some stunning structure to your kitchen.

8. Mecor Dining Table Modern Minimalist, $99.99

When you're cultivating a modern aesthetic, you need this glass table in your space. Even if you have funky dishes or an accent wall, this table is sure to fit right in with your more eclectic pieces. Lighten up your space and finally create that modern kitchen of your dreams.

9. Costway 3-Piece Compact Bistro Dining Set, $97.28

Table for two, please? Make every night date night with this bistro set. Just because you have a small space kitchen doesn't mean you have to settle for a subpar dining experience.


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