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So it's time for the final touches in your hall makeover, and that means adding visual interest to those blank walls. Sure, you found stunning light fixtures, the perfect narrow bookshelves, and a durable runner, but you're not done until you hang hallway wall decor that will bring you joy each time you stroll from room to room.

To begin, consider your color palette. Do you have a narrow hallway that needs to feel as open as possible? In that case, consider artwork and paint hues that are more muted and neutral. Alternatively, if your corridor is a bit more spacious, consider adding a few pops of color.


After settling on the colors your small space can handle, dive into your specific decor preferences. Do you tend to like everything vibrant, colorful, and just a little maximalist? Maybe a boho hall will be up your alley. Or, if you're on the opposite side of the spectrum and drawn to simplicity in interior design, a minimalist walkway could be the way to go.

Lastly don't limit your decor picks just because square footage might be limited. If necessary, go for functional pieces like mirrors or wall sconces to get the most use out of the area.

For a few more tips, read on. These hallway wall decorating ideas will turn your space into something spectacular.

Hallway Wall Decor Styles

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We love bohemian decor anywhere, but it works especially well in a hall for an unexpected touch. If you want to go this route, try mounting an ombre macrame wall hanging to bring in a splash of color. Or bring the outdoors in with a few trailing plants supported by S-hooks screwed directly into the wall. Depending on how much natural light shines in your hall, you can go with a hardy pothos or even a realistic faux option.


If the rest of your home decor includes updated furniture and contemporary accents, bring that modern style to your hall walls as well. Try a single canvas print with a geometric or abstract design to keep things feeling sleek. You can also mount floating shelves (we like either acrylic or solid wood) for a cool statement that's also extremely practical.


Beach and seaside lovers, this is the style for you. Bring a touch of crisp coastal decor to the hall with seashell wall art or even a soothing print of your favorite ocean scene. If you're feeling creative (and are lucky enough to dwell right by the water), consider snapping a shot of the waves and having it professionally printed and framed. The resulting piece will give a large wall the perfect focal point.



Do weathered wood, antique metal, and chippy paint hold a special place in your heart? If so, bring hallway decor ideas that feature farmhouse touches to your wall space. A vintage clock could be just the thing to create a functional statement. You could also DIY a fun piece that features a variety of reclaimed wood. Simply collect planks with character, affix them to a flat board, then mount, and you're good to go.


Minimalist hallway wall decor doesn't have to be boring. If you prefer a no-fuss approach, try mounting a simple peg rail that runs the length of your hall. That way, whenever you're craving additional accents, you can simply loop them over the pegs. Alternatively, you can keep the pegs mostly clear, leaving space for functional items like everyday outerwear or totes.

Midcentury Modern

If you want to add a touch of midcentury modern wall decor to your hallway, first consider the colors. Think warm mustard, green, and terracotta. Try a wall print that incorporates these hues. Or if you're especially bold, a mural could be the perfect addition.


Traditional touches don't always feel outdated. In fact, this classic look can look timeless and chic in the right space. To douse your hallway walls with a bit of traditional, consider mounting candle holder wall sconces. They'll invoke an old-world feel that's still on-trend.

Hallway Paint Colors

Sometimes, a few coats of paint are all you need to take your hall walls from uninteresting to inspired. And whether you're a homeowner or not, you can experiment with color. Just remember to get permission from your landlord before getting started if you rent.

When full-on color doesn't sound appealing, we recommend covering a single hallway wall in paint. Verdant green shades will make the passage feel lively and fresh. Moody grays, charcoals, and blacks will up the drama, but only go this inky route if you're not afraid to sacrifice a little visual space in order to create a big moment. Don't downplay the importance of a good neutral, either. A smooth cream, taupe, or beige can feel perfectly traditional or modern depending on the tone.


Hallway Wallpaper

We're big advocates of adding wallpaper to the right hallway. Typically, these pass-throughs are on the smaller side, so you won't have to worry about filling a huge room with a loud pattern. And if the hall opens to an entryway or front door, guests will immediately be greeted in style. As an added bonus, more compact spaces cost less to wallpaper.

You can go a few different ways with your wall covering. Removable options, for example, are great for renters who want to avoid doing lasting damage to their walkway. You can also find wallpaper designs to match every style. Whether you prefer a simple statement with miniature flowers or something wow-worthy like an intricate art deco design, there's a wallpaper for your hallway.

Accent Wall Ideas

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls in hallways are a match made in decor heaven. Display a collection of sentimental pieces (we like family photos in matching frames if you go this route). Or, hang an assortment of things that are purely fun to look at — don't worry about matching frames or complementary colors. Just hang things that feel fun. If you really want to switch it up, avoid the temptation to only hang traditional art. Try mounting vintage plates, unique baskets, or even flat carvings.

Shiplap Walls

Want to bring a little bit of modern farmhouse to your walls? Install shiplap. Give only one wall this wood treatment, or carry the paneling from the front door to the end of the hall, either way, you'll make a statement. And don't be afraid to paint your shiplap. Try an inky hue or crisp white for a classic look.

Wall Focal Point

Think your hall is too tiny to have a focal point or feature moment? Think again. Instead of using valuable floor space for a statement piece, take advantage of unused wall real estate. And when you go this route, feel free to get creative — no one says framed art is the only thing that belongs on the wall. Try securely mounting a surfboard for a seaside chic look. Or if you're able to do a more intensive hallway makeover, have a contractor carve an arched nook into the wall. You can use the resulting niche for small knickknacks or keys.


Where to Buy Hallway Wall Decor

When you've nailed the basics of your hallway wall decor, it's time to start shopping. And we've compiled a list of the best retailers. Whether you want canvas prints, shelving, good quality paints, or metal wall art, you can find it all below.

Society 6


Urban Outfitters

Juniper Print Shop





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