38 Farmhouse Chic Bedroom Ideas That Are Completely Timeless

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Whether you have dreams of giving your bedroom a rustic makeover or you just want to bring a bit of country living to your home in the city, we know just what you need to make your farmhouse chic fantasies a reality. From four-poster beds and shiplap walls to charming storage ideas and neutral color palettes, it all starts with the details.


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Scroll on for 38 rustic farmhouse bedroom ideas will bring classic country touches to your sleeping quarters in a flash.

Home Decor Ideas for the Main Bedroom

If you want to give your main bedroom a chic or modern farmhouse living look, you'll need to consider a few key things. Just be sure to prioritize cozy textures, greenery, and natural light.


1. Opt for a simple platform bed.

To implement a farmhouse aesthetic, go for a simple and understated platform bed. We like this option because though it's made from sustainable mango planks and iron, it mimics the look of reclaimed barn wood. Here it has a slightly boho feel, but with weathered accessories, this platform bed frame will look perfectly rustic.


2. Add a stitched quilt or bedspread.

Want a traditional farmhouse bedroom design? A stitched quilt layered on top of a neutral duvet cover will bring the character and handmade vibes that you crave. If you're not lucky enough to inherit one, simply invest in a new bedspread that can be handed down for generations.


3. Go for natural bedding.

While we're at it, choose all-cotton or linen sheets and duvet covers for a naturally neutral look. Organic fabrics such as these are not only better looking in a farmhouse bedroom, but they're also better for the environment.


4. Hang burlap or linen curtains.

Natural light is an essential part of the organic farmhouse aesthetic, but for a bit of privacy choose window treatments with some rustic charm. These floor-to-ceiling drapery panels bring to mind vintage textures that fade over time, giving your room a more lived-in feel.


5. Invest in a rustic full-length mirror.

Mirrors with an antique finish or chipped paint prove that simplicity can be stunning while adding a bit of vintage flair to any room. This rustic, hand-painted stunner is a superb example that's sure to make your bedroom feel farmhouse.


6. Don't forget an antique-inspired rug.

A distressed, vintage-inspired rug adds lovely well-worn detail that is ideal for a farmhouse-style bedroom. Custom made from hand-knotted wool, this gorgeous cool gray rug from Caitlin Wilson features an intricate design that provides just the right amount of style and comfort.


7. Add layers of texture with accent pillows.

When choosing throw pillows for your bed, remember that woven textures work incredibly well with farmhouse bedroom decor. These cushions from Magnolia Market have a cozy feel with quality construction.

8. Show off your shelfie game.

What better way to display your cherished personal trinkets and home decor than on wall shelves suspended by leather straps? If you are feeling ambitious, save your money and opt for a DIY project or two.

9. Create a space for curling up.

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Even if your bedroom is snug, adding a comfy chair to a neglected corner will create that cozy farmhouse charm. As an added bonus, you'll have a little oasis that's perfect for reading or morning reflection.

10. Find an oversize art piece.

Pick a print or photo of something that speaks to your inner farmhouse self and hang it either above your bed or on a wall where you can enjoy the investment year after year. This cow print stands out against the white walls for a subtle contrast. If you live in an earthquake zone, though, be careful about hanging heavy things overhead.

11. Add indoor plants.

Indoor plants are said to be good for your mental health. And even though people typically assume they belong in bohemian spaces, lush greenery adds tons of charm to farmhouse bedrooms, too. Give your sleeping quarters some love from mother nature with a few well-placed pots.

12. Try wallpaper to turn on the charm.

Although farmhouse bedroom ideas tend to be more neutral, we think the right wallpaper can enhance the country chic effect. To get the look, create a charming accent wall instead of using a headboard. And for bonus points, mount rustic wall sconces on either side of your bed, too.

13. Place vintage pieces bedside for old-world vibes.

For a vintage farmhouse look, we love mixing antiques with newer pieces, especially if those accents have special meaning. A lovely vintage chair like this one, for example, will create the perfect corner for a little nostalgia.

14. Add wood planks to an accent wall.

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For a fun decor redo, apply rustic wood paneling on the wall behind your bed, and presto — you've got a fabulous farmhouse look. The right removable wallpaper can help you get the reclaimed wood look, too.

15. Create a canopy bed.

Instead of investing in a canopy bed, hang sheer curtains from your ceiling in a snap to create a romantic farmhouse sanctuary.

Print some family photos and place them in an eclectic array of frames for rustic gallery wall art that'll give you a daily walk down memory lane.

17. Turn up the glam with a chandelier.

Who said implementing farmhouse style means you have to forgo a little fancy? Hang a dramatic chandelier or crystal light fixture in your rustic room for the perfect amount of pretty.

18. Install wood beams on your ceiling.

Create an instant farmhouse vibe in your bedroom with overhead beams. If you're up for a rigorous DIY, stain two-by-fours in a rich brown for a weekend-in-the-country feel that'll last all year long. Just make sure to hang them securely.

Smart Storage Ideas for Your Farmhouse Bedroom

No matter the size of the bedroom you're transforming, you'll want to include plenty of storage that still feels farmhouse. From baskets to dressers, tie it all together and store it smartly.

1. Use oversize baskets for extra blankets.

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Whether you use them for storing blankets, clothes, shoes, or accent pillows, oversize woven baskets are a farmhouse-inspired bedroom's dream. A handsome alternative to monotonous plastic containers, these richly textured baskets don't need to be hidden away, which is great when closet space is limited.

2. Find a rustic nightstand with drawers.

Your nightstand can provide the perfect opportunity for additional storage. Look for one with hardy materials, such as weathered wood and heavy metals. Just make sure there's at least one drawer for nightly essentials.

3. Sit pretty with a storage bench at the foot of the bed.

A tufted bed bench with an antique finish and hidden storage is the epitome of rustic charm, not to mention it will make a gorgeous footnote at the end of your bed. As an added bonus, the bench will give you the perfect place to take off shoes, and you can pop baskets underneath.

4. Choose a distressed dresser with tons of drawers.

With seven drawers, this rustic teak dresser has plenty of space to fit a couples' clothes and then some. Make sure you find one that's deep enough to accommodate all of your odds and ends.

5. Create a closet with curtains.

If you're low on closet space or want to add a little charm to what's already there, lose the doors and add some neutral colored curtains instead.

6. Add an armoire to keep it all hidden.

Pick up an armoire at your local flea market, or distress the wood on one you already have, and you'll get a charming piece that will store just about anything.

7. Hang blankets (or clothes) on a ladder.

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Keep things chic and smart with a rustic bedroom ladder that can hold all of your favorite blankets for easy access. You'll be glad for the extra storage when things get a bit chilly.

8. Consider built-ins.

If you have a bay window or can spare a bit of square footage, add some built-in storage in your bedroom with a simple seat like the one shown here. Keep things comfy by adding neutral pillows and upholstery on top.

Easy Ideas for a Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to welcoming visitors. And if you want to bring a farmhouse feel to your guest room, these tweaks will get the job done.

1. Add eucalyptus to encourage extra Z's.

Ignite your guests' senses with the sights and smells of the rustic countryside by adding a fully dried eucalyptus bundle near the bedside. The aroma will almost always guarantee a night of sweet dreams.

2. Hang a pretty wreath.

Hanging wreaths is not just a holiday decor idea. In fact, it has been a homestyle tradition for centuries, spanning back to Ancient Rome. This decorative accent will help bring a bit of the outdoors into your farmhouse guest room.

3. Fine-tune things with a floral touch.

Welcome your guests with some fresh wildflowers for a farmhouse feel. We love this idea from Amber Thrane that takes a simple headboard to the next level.

4. Bring in a rustic clothing rack.

Smaller bedrooms usually mean little or no closet space. So put a rustic clothing rack where your guests can hang their stuff without cramping the farmhouse style.

5. Group baskets above the headboard.

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If you're not into doing a total redo of your guest room, keep things simple. We recommend hanging a collection of baskets above the bed for a little rustic touch that's equal parts bohemian and farmhouse.

6. Add candles for some atmosphere.

Like we said, making a guest bedroom feel farmhouse and cozy is all about how the little touches add up into something bigger. Find vintage books, wood candle holders, or even incense that smells like the countryside to create a welcoming atmosphere.

7. Let hats double as decor.

Need a place to store your own hat collection? Hang it in the guest room for a unique take on farmhouse chic style. Trust us, the added texture will make any wall look fab.

8. Add extra lighting for nightly reads.

Leaving a magazine or novel for your guests is always a nice touch. But to really level up, be sure to add lighting for when they want to curl up in bed and flip through some pages after sundown. A simple wicker pendant like this will feel both farmhouse and coastal.

9. Keep your guests cool with a ceiling fan.

Adding a ceiling fan with a wood or natural finish will not only keep the air flowing in your guest room, but it will also tie your farmhouse decor together.

10. Place a jute rug over hardwood floors.

Choose an area rug that's simple and can withstand lots of wear and tear. This jute option just works in a rustic guest room and will match any color scheme.

11. Try a metal bed for an antique touch.

Sure, we suggested wood for your main farmhouse chic bedroom but try something a little less bulky for the guest room. A slim metal frame won't take up too much visual space. We like it for the vintage look; you'll love it for the timeless appeal.

12. Create your own wall accents.

Need more art options for your guest room walls? Try recycling objects from around the house like old handkerchiefs, picture frames, mason jars, and small pottery. Surprisingly, neck scarves can double as charming farmhouse wall decor.

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