51 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas That Are Completely Timeless

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On the hunt for a bedroom style that's both dreamy ‌and‌ well-designed? You can't go wrong by embracing the best farmhouse bedroom ideas. When you think about the rustic look, you might envision shiplap walls and frilly curtains; however, there's more to farmhouse bedroom decor than meets the eye. "[It's] a combination of function and a personal style that meld together to create a lived-in, eclectic look," explains Kathryn Hunt, an interior designer based in Connecticut.


Despite its name, the classic farmhouse look isn't just for Old MacDonald; anyone can bring this style into their personal quarters. "Today's farmhouse style is a deliberately curated combination of old [and] new," says Stefanie Mullen, interior designer and co-founder of JJ and Stefanie. "It's about balancing the nostalgia of our historic past with modern-day beauty and comfort."

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Before you start sifting through reading lights and nightstands, you'll want to establish the color palette. Though "stark white and black has been the signature modern farmhouse color palette for years," Mullen says, creams, serene blues, and earthy greens are also suitable shades. Textures are integral for that lived-in, luxurious feel, so why not experiment with some cozy materials? (Shiplap headboards, linen sheets, and distressed wood dressers are all in play.) To give your bedroom a farmhouse finish, Mullen recommends adding some antiquities to the mix. The good news is that you don't have to overdo it on the vintage pieces: an item or two is sufficient.


Whether you enlist all these design elements or pick and choose whatever feels the most authentic to your taste, it's that cozy-yet-classic look that will make your bedroom downright dreamy. But, just like any aesthetic, there's more than one way to embrace farmhouse bedroom decor. To help, we've culled the web for the very best farmhouse bedroom ideas. Scoring a sweet ‌and‌ stylish slumber has never been so easy.


51 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

1. Create a high-contrast color scheme.

What's black, white, and chic all over? This upscale bedroom from Emily Henderson, of course. The simple yet stylish color palette creates a soothing vibe that epitomizes farmhouse decor. (While the black and white combo on its own tends to feel a tad harsh, Henderson added warmth by incorporating hints of gray.)


2. Paint your millwork.

Whether you prefer wainscoting, beadboard paneling, or an intricate trim, millwork of any kind is a key ingredient of farmhouse decor. But if you want to give this classic wood treatment a modern twist, a little bit of paint can go a long way. Designer Ajai Guyot complemented a pared-back wood paneling with an earthy green. With floral wallpaper and caned furniture, this rustic room is simultaneously trendy and timeless.



3. Experiment with texture.

Just because you want to incorporate neutral colors into your farmhouse bedroom doesn't mean it has to be boring. For the perfect mix of subtle and sumptuous, mix a variety of tactile materials. Studio McGee perfected the look here with an upholstered bed frame, plush linens, and light wood frames for a collection of serene artwork.


4. Put one pattern on repeat.

At first blush, prints and textures may seem too maximalist to be deemed farmhouse chic; however, selecting one pattern and repeating it in a handful of materials can provide just the soothing aesthetic that farmhouse bedrooms are known and loved for. Need some inspiration? Take a look at this ethereal bedroom from Amy Sklar, where a whimsical floral is featured on the window treatments, walls, and cloth-clad headboard.


5. Build a sliding barn door for a warm welcome.

Achieve the farmhouse look from the moment you step inside your bedroom by installing a sliding barn door, like this rich green one from Roxanne of the Honeycomb Home. Since this option stealthily slides along the wall, it's considerably more space-efficient than a door that swings open. Practical and pretty? Yes, please.



6. Hone in on hefty hardware.

From light fixtures to dresser pulls and doorknobs, the hardware you add to your bedroom can really make or break your space. (No pressure or anything!) For a failsafe option, you can't go wrong with matte finishes. Brushed nickel, matte brass, and plain black hardware all have that rugged appearance that's most appreciated in farmhouse bedroom decor. To get those decorating wheels turning, have a look at this bedroom from the Grit and Polish, which features a muted brass sconce.


7. Take your ceilings to new heights.

While many farmhouse bedrooms have ultra-tall ceilings, you don't need to undergo a costly renovation to recreate the look. Instead, you can simply move your curtain rod a tad higher, as seen in this primary bedroom from Francois et Moi. That's right, placing your window treatments a foot or two above your actual window will create the illusion of higher ceilings and a lighter, airier space — both of which are integral to the farmhouse vibe.

8. Maximize your layout with bunk beds.

Dreaming up the perfect farmhouse bedroom for the younger members of your household? Consider adding bunk beds as Chango & Co. did here. Not only are bunk beds a space-efficient way to make the most of your layout — a must for any design style — but they'll also come in handy during slumber parties. (Bonus points: Thanks to the dark wood bed frames and shiplap walls, this kids' bedroom has "rustic" written all over it.)


9. Pick a simple palette.

Though neutrals reign supreme in farmhouse bedroom decor, there is plenty of room to add color. The key, according to Isabel Ladd, is to be intentional about your new palette. "Pick two colors — in this case, reds and blues — and layer in a whole lot of prints and patterns in varying hues of those colors," the Kentucky-based designer explains. "Balance with wood pieces, some new and some antique."

10. DIY your wooden furniture.

Wood might be one of the most common materials to use for your bedroom — ‌especially‌ in a farmhouse setting — but some grains might make your space appear dark and dreary. Instead of settling for drab quarters, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your favorite pieces. The lighter shades seen in this bedroom by Maggie Griffin create a distressed and undeniably rustic appeal. (Try milk paint for a distinctively farmhouse look.)

11. Pile on the pillows.

Though throw pillows aren't solely reserved for farmhouse bedrooms, there's something about the luxurious, layered look that feels decidedly rustic. If you want to elevate your cushion collection, inject a few punchy patterns. This bedroom from Amber Interiors features a mix of solids and prints, but the cohesive color palette brings it all together.


12. Spruce it up with symmetry.

The old-meets-new approach commonly seen in farmhouse bedrooms creates an undeniably cozy vibe. If you want to take that soothing expression up a notch, add some symmetry to your pad. (As far as we're concerned, it's the visual-equivalent to ASMR.) With two wrought-iron beds, matching linens, and coordinating artwork, this space from Michelle Lisac proves that two is better than one.

13. Make a statement with a charming quilt.

Want a traditional farmhouse bedroom design? A patchwork quilt layered on top of a neutral duvet cover — as seen in this room from Little Glass Jar — will bring the character and handmade vibes you crave. If you're not lucky enough to inherit one, consider investing in a new bedspread that can be handed down for generations.

14. Give your bedroom a local touch.

Farmhouse bedroom decor exists in all corners of the world — including Hawaii! Jennifer Barron and Marion Philpotts-Miller, the duo behind a Honolulu-based firm called Philpotts Interiors, give the style a local twist by paying homage to the island's rich history. "Farmhouse style in Hawaii is a fusion of the old days where [everything from] the most basic cottage to grander homes had a functional voice fused with eclectic layers of one's heritage," Philpotts-Miller explains. She says it's common to see a mix of different elements like "plaids mixed with a Hawaiian quilt and an organic pillow of Lauhala, [which is a] coconut frond weave."

15. Opt for natural bedding.

Speaking of your bedding, choose all-cotton or linen sheets and duvet covers for a natural vibe. Organic fabrics like these are not only better looking in a farmhouse bedroom, but they're also better for the environment. (Not to mention that linen's subtle crinkle or wool's fuzzy halo will provide just the rustic texture a farmhouse bedroom demands.)

16. Decorate the wall behind your bed.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Not ready for a full-blown renovation? Keep your farmhouse bedroom decor simple. We recommend hanging a collection of baskets above the bed for a DIY touch that's equal parts bohemian and rustic. (Psst...for an extra touch of whimsy, mix and match your baskets' colors and patterns.)

17. Get creative with your storage.

Image Credit: Sanford Creative

Whether you use them for storing blankets, clothes, shoes, or accent pillows, oversize woven baskets are a farmhouse-inspired bedroom's dream. A handsome alternative to monotonous plastic containers, these richly textured baskets don't need to be hidden away, which is great when closet space is limited.

18. Hang lightweight window treatments.

Natural light is an essential part of the organic farmhouse aesthetic, but for a bit of privacy, choose window treatments with some rustic charm. These floor-to-ceiling drapery panels bring to mind vintage textures that have faded over time, giving your room a more lived-in feel.

19. Make a mirrored marvel.

A mirror is an excellent way to reflect natural sunlight or give yourself a once-over before leaving the house — plus, they dress up bare, unoccupied walls. Mirrors with an antique finish or chipped paint add a bit of vintage flair, while proving that simplicity can be stunning. The rustic, hand-painted stunner in this space from Jeanne Oliver is a superb example that's sure to make your bedroom feel farmhouse chic.

20. Revel in a vintage-inspired rug.

Ready to give your farmhouse bedroom decor floor-to-ceiling appeal? A distressed, vintage-inspired rug provides a lovely, well-worn touch to any space. Here, designer Kate Lester reimagined the typical vintage rug with an exciting, jewel-toned color scheme.

21. Show off your shelfie.

What better way to display your cherished personal trinkets and home decor than on a bookcase or set of floating shelves? Here, the muted palette brings cohesion to a variety of accessories. If you need to store less aesthetically-pleasing items as well, place them in a pretty box or woven basket.

22. Create a sitting area.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Even if your bedroom is snug, adding a comfy chair to a neglected corner will create that cozy farmhouse charm. As an added bonus, you'll have a little oasis that's perfect for reading or morning reflection with a delicious cup of coffee in hand. Complete the area with a compact side table as seen here.

23. Go big with your art.

Pick a print or photo of something that speaks to your inner farmhouse self and hang it either above your bed or on a wall where you can enjoy the investment year after year. In this space from I Spy DIY, a cow print stands out against the white walls for a bold contrast. If you live in an earthquake zone, though, be careful about hanging heavy objects overhead.

24. Dress up your dresser.

With seven drawers, the rustic teak dresser spotted in this bedroom by Liz Marie has plenty of space to fit a couples' clothes and then some. The key, however, is to make sure you find one that's deep enough to accommodate all of your odds and ends. Decorate with greenery, candles, and maybe a decorative jewelry organizer.

25. Go green.

As far as we're concerned, a great houseplant is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to providing benefits like air purification and stress relief, lush greenery adds tons of charm to farmhouse bedrooms. Give your sleeping quarters some love from Mother Nature with a few well-placed pots.

26. Wow with wallpaper.

Although farmhouse bedroom ideas tend to skew more neutral, we think the right wallpaper can enhance the country-chic effect. To recreate this space, enlist a lively pattern instead of a typical headboard. For bonus points, mount rustic wall sconces on either side of your bed, too.

27. Sprinkle in some vintage pieces.

For a vintage farmhouse look, we love mixing antiques with newer pieces, especially if those accents have special meaning. A lovely old-fashioned chair like the one pictured in this rustic bedroom will create the perfect corner for a little nostalgia. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a visual trip down memory lane.

28. Complete your closet with curtains.

If you're low on closet space or just want to add a little charm, lose the doors and add some neutral-colored curtains instead. This trick is space-efficient and stylish in equal measure, so it might make your wardrobe the best dressed area of your boudoir. Plus, you can change the whole feel of your space by just swapping out the curtain.

29. Style with shiplap.

In case you didn't get the memo, shiplap is virtually synonymous with modern farmhouse decor. But, while the thicker wooden boards are typically used for a home's exterior, they have plenty of purpose inside, too. Covered with white wooden panels and matching ceiling beams, this bedroom from House Seven Design is cozy, classic, ‌and‌ country-chic.

30. Add a wooden accent wall.

Craving something more rustic? For a fun decor redo, apply rustic wood paneling to the wall behind your bed, à la this farmhouse-style bedroom by Bria Hammel Interiors. (Unlike shiplap, which is typically solid-colored, the varied grains of this wall evoke a moodier spirit; it's almost as if you're snuggled up in a quaint log cabin.) If you don't want to start a full-blown renovation, the right removable wallpaper can help you get the reclaimed wood look, too.

31. Create a wood-paneled ceiling.

Looking for a farmhouse bedroom decor idea that's unexpected yet eye-catching? The only way to go is up. Emily Henderson took the rustic style's signature wooden panels and placed them on the ceiling. Whether you add paint or leave them au naturale, one thing's for sure: Counting sheep just got easier on the eyes.

32. Hang curtains for a faux canopy bed.

There's something undeniably cozy about snuggling up in a four-post bed, but buying brand-new furniture may not be in your budget. Instead of investing in a canopy bed, hang sheer curtains from your ceiling to create a romantic farmhouse sanctuary in a snap. The results can be equally wonderful and wallet-conscious.

33. Add a bench to the foot of the bed.

A tufted bed bench with an antique finish and hidden storage is the epitome of rustic charm, not to mention a gorgeous footnote at the end of your bed. We love this extra plush one spotted in historic Craftsman house 1040 West Kensington. As an added bonus, the bench will give you the perfect place to put on your socks in the morning, and you can pop baskets underneath for extra storage.

If a traditional gallery wall sounds a bit predictable, take a cue from Laura Resen Photography and fill it with personal touches. Print some family photos and place them in an eclectic array of frames to create rustic gallery wall art that will give you a daily walk down memory lane. Add accessories like the hats, scarves, and table runner shown here. Let your preferences guide you — this idea is all about showing off what makes you ‌you‌.

35. Opt for an old-school nightstand.

Your nightstand can provide the perfect opportunity for additional storage. Look for one made with characteristically farmhouse materials, such as weathered wood and sturdy metal hardware. Just make sure there's at least one drawer for nightly essentials.

36. Turn up the glam with a chandelier.

Who said implementing farmhouse style means you have to forgo a little luxury? Hang a dramatic chandelier or crystal light fixture in your rustic room for the perfect amount of feminine glam. If you need inspiration, look no further than this room from Tidbits, which is the perfect mix of farmhouse and fancy.

37. Install wood beams on your ceiling.

Create an instant farmhouse vibe in your bedroom with overhead beams, just like Chloe Berk did in this brick-clad boudoir. Here, the dark beams and exposed brick wall are perfectly balanced by white paint and abundant natural light. It is possible to install ceiling beams yourself, but only if you're prepared for a rigorous DIY.

38. Hide your odds and ends in an armoire.

The right storage solution can elevate a room's overall ambiance. If you're looking to hang up sweaters and dresses without skimping on style, consider adding an armoire to your organization arsenal. Pro tip: Pick up a wardrobe at your local flea market, or refresh one you already have, and you'll get a charming piece that will store just about anything.

39. Hang blankets (or clothes!) on a ladder.

Keep things chic and smart with a rustic ladder shelf that can hold all of your favorite blankets for easy access. You'll be glad for the extra storage when the weather gets chilly. In this bedroom, a wooden ladder is perched right next to a moody fireplace. This is one storage solution that looks nice but doesn't upstage the surrounding decor.

40. Hang a pretty wreath.

We don't know who needs to hear this, but hanging wreaths is not just a holiday decor idea. In fact, it has been a homestyle tradition for centuries, spanning back to ancient Rome. And, why limit this leafy ring to your front door? Liz of Love Grows Wild cleverly hung a dried floral wreath on this wrought iron bed frame — proving that wreaths also deserve a spot inside.

41. Add a floral touch.

Set a welcoming mood with an assortment of fresh or dried blooms. While you can never go wrong with flowers, wispy species like baby's breath or pampas grass will provide an ethereal touch. While you ‌could‌ just stick some flowers in a vase, this idea from Amber Thrane takes a simple headboard to the next level.

42. Bring in a rustic clothing rack.

Smaller bedrooms usually mean little or no closet space. If square footage is at a premium, use a rustic clothing rack to hang your clothes without cramping the farmhouse style. (Another thing to love? Having your favorite pieces front and center can make planning outfits a breeze!)

43. Create ambiance with candles.

The secret to making a farmhouse bedroom feel cozy? Pepper in small, thoughtful touches: Vintage books, wooden candle holders, or even incense can work wonders for creating a welcoming atmosphere. For a farmhouse bedroom decor idea that appeals to all of the senses, select candles with a woodsy aroma.

44. Let hats double as decor.

Need a place to store your hat collection? Hang it in on your bedroom wall for a unique take on farmhouse-chic style. This way, you can admire your favorite pieces every single day.

45. Add extra lighting for nightly reads.

Who doesn't want to wind down by curling up with a good read? For a page-turner of a farmhouse bedroom decor idea, add a reading light to each side of your bed. A simple wicker pendant like this will fit both farmhouse and coastal styles, while a simple table lamp is an installation-free way to get the look.

46. Beautify with a window bench.

If you have a bay window or can spare a bit of square footage, add some built-in storage to your bedroom with a simple seat, like the one shown in this sweet space from Camille Styles. Keep things comfy by adding neutral pillows and upholstery on top. The natural light means there's no better place to curl up with a book.

47. Cool down with a ceiling fan.

Let's be honest: Nobody wants to spend the night tossing and turning in a pool of sweat. Adding a ceiling fan with a natural wood finish will not only keep the air flowing in your guest room, but it will also tie your farmhouse decor together. Though ceiling fans don't exactly have a stylish reputation, the wooden one spotted in Bless'er Home's bedroom makeover bridges the gap between form and function.

48. Place a jute rug over hardwood floors.

Texture is a surefire way to give any bedroom a farmhouse flair, so why not experiment with a tactile rug? For best results, choose an option that's simple and can withstand lots of wear and tear. This jute rug spotted on Little Glass Jar looks great in a rustic room and will match any color scheme.

49. Try a metal bed for an antique touch.

As much as we love wooden furniture, too much wood can feel a tad bulky — especially in a smaller space. The solution? A slim metal bed frame — like the one spotted in this Studio McGee-designed room — won't take up too much visual space. The timeless vintage look means you can keep it for years.

50. Decorate with your favorite accessories.

Need more art options for your bedroom walls? Try upcycling objects from around the house, like old handkerchiefs, picture frames, mason jars, and small pottery. Surprisingly, scarves can double as charming farmhouse wall decor.

51. Upholster your headboard.

While a bedroom might be packed with style potential, its main objective is to offer a relaxing place to sleep. Since the bed is ‌the‌ main attraction, you'll want to pick out a frame that matches your farmhouse decor. Here, Ursula Carmona chose an upholstered headboard to deliver that cozy, country appearance. A vintage-inspired rug and decorative ladder are the perfect rustic touches.

Farmhouse Bedroom Checklist

After combing through our favorite farmhouse bedroom decor ideas, it's finally time to inject the rustic ambiance into your personal quarters. While there's no one way to decorate your bedroom — after all, it should reflect ‌your‌ taste — here are a few key features to keep in mind.

  • A high-contrast color palette
  • Plenty of neutrals
  • A variety of different textures
  • Shiplap walls or ceilings
  • Wainscoting, beadboard, and other millwork
  • A jute or vintage-inspired rug
  • Personalized wall decor
  • Vintage pieces from your favorite antique store
  • A sliding barn door

Whether you add a few of these characteristics or all of the above, your farmhouse bedroom decor is bound to elicit the sweetest of dreams.