Where to Buy Door Hardware (and Our Top Picks)

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If you ever took the time to look around your home, you'd find that there are plenty of unsung heroes. There are tons of items and design elements that we use day in and day out but never seem to give a second thought. Truth be told, the only time we ever think about some of these items is when something goes wrong. Door hardware is precisely one of those things. These items grant us access to our homes and into every nook and cranny of our home.


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Moreover, door hardware has one of the most important jobs in our home — protection. On the surface, of course, a doorknob is a doorknob, and a lock is a lock. But the truth is door hardware has come a long way, and if you know where to shop, you can find plenty of pieces that improve the look of your front door or some to add a little interest where you need it. If you're new to the world of door hardware, we've pulled together a list of the best places to buy door hardware to help you out.


Founded in 2003, Schoolhouse is a lifestyle goods company with a vested interest in American manufacturing. If you look closely, you'll see that Schoohouse's design aesthetic looks back to look forward. The result is thoughtfully designed one-of-a-kind pieces with timeless appeal. If you're shopping for door hardware, you'll find gorgeous takes on handle sets, door levers, deadbolts, and door hinges between their virtual pages.


Our pick​: Freeport Entrance Handleset with Abbott Lever In Antique Brass, $399

Founded with the creative woman in mind, Anthropologie first opened its doors in 1992. Three decades later and the brand stands strong as a "portal of discovery," as they put it. Never one to follow current trends, Anthropologie is driven by many muses, and they pull it off flawlessly. It is cool, elegant, classic, modern, and boho-chic all at once — not many brands can say that. Lucky for us, their selection of door hardware stays true to the brand ethos. From peacock doorknockers to Scottie dog doorstops and vintage style doorknobs, the possibilities are endless, and they would have it no other way.


Our pick​: Ida Peacock Door Knocker, $54

3. CB2

While Crate & Barrel focuses heavily on timeless style and classic design, the company created its sister brand CB2 for those looking to add a bit of modern flair, eclectic style, and maybe even a little whimsy to their living spaces. From velvet sofas to cement coffee tables, CB2 is cool, edgy, and sometimes playful. While CB2 furniture and accessories are designed with city living in mind, these pieces are just easily at home in suburbia. Even better, the edgy style details that CB2 is known for are carried through down to the smallest details like door hardware. Black marble handles and doorknobs that beautifully combine brass and marble will certainly turn a few heads.


Our pick​: Logan Round Brushed Brass Knob, $9.95

Based in Portland, Oregon, Rejuvenation prides itself on quality craftsmanship. Its design aesthetic is rooted deeply in the brand's heritage, but they're sure to remain flexible and forward-thinking enough to meet its customers where they're at. As far as door hardware goes, Rejuvenation has a stunning assortment, including interior doorknobs, pocket door sets, and exterior door handle sets, for a beautiful finish to any home improvement project.


Our pick​: Tate Interior Door Set, $200

According to Perigold, life is too short for the ordinary. So to make living spaces anything but, Perigold launched its brand in 2017. The masterminds behind Perigold combined their passion for technology and their passion for quality design into a show-stopping assortment of luxury furnishings. From colonial door knockers to barn door hardware, Perigold delivers luxury options in every category. So whether you're shopping for items that are glam, modern, traditional, or eclectic, you can probably find them on this dot com.


Our pick​: Acorn Barn Door Hardware Kit, $507

Over the years, Pottery Barn has made quite a name for itself in the home furnishings category. According to Pottery Barn's website, its vision is "to be America's most meaningful beautiful design source." And if you've ever shopped the brand, then you know that they have delivered on that mission in fine style. If you're looking for quality door hardware pieces, Pottery Barn has plenty of great options for your shortlist.


Our pick​: Bronze Bulldog Dog Knocker, $109

7. Etsy

In recent years, Etsy has exploded in popularity, and for good reason. This global online marketplace has helped us move beyond our geographic borders to find craftsmen, artisans, and curators from every corner of the earth. So, whether you're looking for a vintage Victorian doorknob, antique brass locksets, or a custom-made door knocker, you'll probably be able to find them on Etsy — and then some.

Our pick​: Brass Door Knob Set-Antique Cast Iron/Brass, $78.92