The Best New and Vintage Quilts You Can Buy Online

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A quilt carries with it a certain nostalgia — patchwork suddenly takes us back to grandma's home, our childhood bedroom, or the cabin from that camping trip in the '90s we'd otherwise forgotten.


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While the blanket garners up memories of older homes and younger lives, it doesn't have to be a piece of home decor relegated to the past. In our modern homes with our updated kitchens and furniture ranging from Ikea to West Elm, there's ample space to introduce color, individuality, and coziness without turning your sleek, curated space into a kitsch den.

Needing something to (figuratively and literally) soften a room with sharp edges? We rounded up our favorite quilts on the internet — from new to vintage — so that you can make your space feel more like your home.


1. Parachute Linen Box Quilt, $249

Parachute might be just as known for its remarkably soft bedding as it is for selling out of said remarkably soft bedding. Luckily in stock, however, is the brand's Linen Box Quilt in three modern colors. It's lightweight enough for summer and perfect for layering in winter, which could be why 88% of the 742 reviewers gave it five stars.


2. Wayfair Coastal 3 Piece Quilt Set, $93.16

If you fall somewhere between the quilt's two extremes — modern, no-color, no-pattern and a single patch of every floral print at Joann's — this three-piece set from Wayfair could be right for you. While Parachute catered to the more modern crowd, this set leans a little more towards quilt-tradition with patches of unique patterns. Though the assortment of patterns might have you leaning towards too-loud, the white space and subtle colors allow the quilt to never become too much.


3. Toots and Stitches Vintage Floral Garden Quilt, $285.50

Toots and Stitches collects and sells vintage quilts in their entirety as pillows and even as bookmarks. This vintage floral garden quilt is from the 1940s and, despite the age, is in excellent condition. Why go for the vintage vibe when you could buy the real deal?


4. TOAST Linen Cross Stitch Quilt, $295

For a "simple in design and build but popular amongst buyers" option, there's this linen quilt from TOAST. The brand is a reflection of a slower way of life, and its quilts inspire stay-in-bed days. Celery is their neutral, one-color-fits-all-room shade, ready to top a bed or be thrown over a couch.


5. Anthropologie Textured Piazza Quilt, $222.40

When looking for a quilt that's all-things kitsch, cool, and modern, turn to the store that's made quirky-but-still-stylish its entire thing. Anthropologie's Piazza quilt's texture and pattern are unique and attention-grabbing, while some of its more muted colors add subtlety for that previously mentioned aesthetic they've perfectively nailed. With that said, you can go loud across the board and opt for this textured quilt in the mustard-esque Maize (my personal favorite).


6. Target Opalhouse Scalloped Edge Quilt, $49

If you're going for older elegance but happen to be on a budget, Target has a quilt perfectly suited for your taste and wallet. This quilt's scalloped edges make the piece appear a bit more delicate — like in the way you were always more careful with your grandmother's nicer things — but the price and materials make it so that you don't need to be too diligent about your washer settings.


7. Serena & Lilly Seahaven Quilt, $378

This quilt —with a classic toile pattern — from Serena & Lilly is the perfect way to brighten and add just a touch of color to your room. This quilt is made of 100% eco-friendly materials, and the 50% cotton and 50% linen blend makes it ideal for warmer months.


8. Farewell Frances Vintage Amish White and Pink Floral Quilt, $250

Farewell Frances is a small business known for turning vintage quilts into remarkable coats. While it typically sells quilts in a less-than-traditional form, the website also sells the occasional vintage quilt as a whole. If you prefer a quilt with a little more character and history (but without the signs via wear-and-tear) this excellent-condition, vintage quilt with pink flowers could be the way to go.


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