11 Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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The farmhouse aesthetic offers a unique charm that's tough to find elsewhere, which is probably why so many people are vying to incorporate this cozy style into their homes. But even if you love a farmhouse look, it can feel tough to figure out how, exactly, to incorporate it, especially if you want to add a modern twist to the classic style.


Here, we cover some of our favorite pieces of modern farmhouse decor so you can start rocking this style in your home ASAP.

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1. Add modern silhouettes.

Wood accents are a no-fail way to achieve a farmhouse look. Pair 'em with modern silhouettes to give this aesthetic some fresh flair.

Our pick:Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Candlesticks, $65

2. Incorporate contrasts.

Mix warm wood accents with strong iron details to achieve the visual balance that modern farmhouse spaces are so well known for.


Our pick:Gracie Oaks Modern Farmhouse Accent Mirror, $159.89

3. Create textural layers.

Pile on all sorts of different textures through accents like throw pillows to cultivate the aesthetic's signature welcoming warmth.



Our pick:Threshold Woven Striped Throw Pillow, $30

4. Combine form and function.

Use decorative wood ladders to elevate your look and ensure essentials like textural throw blankets are always within arm's reach for an impromptu Netflix binge.


Our pick:Kelly Clarkson Home Blanket Ladder, $79.99

5. Bring in blankets.

Speaking of throw blankets, they're an easy way to incorporate the cozy textural layers that are so key to nailing this style.


Our pick:Bourina Throw Blanket, $19.99

6. Use modern lanterns.

Consider adding lanterns, which have long been a staple of farmhouse looks, with modern design elements, like rattan, for a fresh take on the style.



Our pick:Flora Woven Rattan Lantern, $199

7. Mix in other aesthetics.

Mixing in other aesthetics with your farmhouse look is a great way to add visual interest while modernizing it a bit. This wood mid-century-inspired wine rack will blend seamlessly into a farmhouse space while adding a modern touch to the design.


Our pick:Christopher Knight Home Wine Shelf, $150.49

8. Add unexpected details.

If you need to chill the wine you store in the aforementioned wine rack (or any other beverage), then do it in farmhouse style. The devil's always in the details, after all.


Our pick:Galvanized Metal Stand-Up Cooler, $199

9. Dress up your kitchen.

Kitchen towels are among the easiest and most inexpensive ways to help solidify your aesthetic. And this set comes in three different hues, so it's a cinch to find the right towels for your color palette.


Our pick:Martha Stewart Collection Kitchen Towels (set of 3), $29

10. Add a pop of color.

Traditional farmhouse aesthetics typically feature neutral color palettes, so adding in a pop of color through decorative accents, like these gorgeous vases, will help you create a more modern look.

Our pick:Barro Vase, $45



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