What Your Le Creuset Color Says About Your Personality

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Buying anything by Le Creuset is a serious decision. The French cookware company's most classic item is its Dutch oven, which, you literally will use for the rest of your life. Knowing that, though, whatever color you pick (and there are many!), you'll be stuck with. So what does your choice of hue say about you? Read on for this very scientific analysis.


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Orange ("Flame")

You don't fall easily for trends. Whether it's your wardrobe or your home, you lean toward timeless aesthetics. Your friends would refer to you as "classy," "original," and "polished." Your dream is to live in a stately Parisian apartment with herringbone wood floors where you'd spend your days reading classic literature and perfecting your coq au vin recipe.



You're constantly on the go — your life has brought you to lots of different homes and cities — but you have a knack for traveling light and keeping all your affairs in order. You err on the side of minimalism (like, you might not fully Marie Kondo your life, but you're not into clutter) and keep a very clean home.


Lime Green (retired)

You're the life of the party! You never say no to karaoke, and you're a frequent host of get-togethers, whether planning a friend's birthday bash or a small dinner party. You're always up for trying new things and don't let obstacles or disappointments bring you down.


Matte Black

You like people to know you have your shit together, and you're probably known for something signature — like a haircut, wardrobe, or dog breed preference that has remained unchanged for decades. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you like and that can make some people uncomfortable, but you're the type who really doesn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks.


Bright Blue ("Marseille")

Your choices might surprise people, but you tend to notice that once you start doing something, all your friends follow suit. (Of course they all say they were inspired by something else, whatever.) There's not much that scares or intimidates you — you'll happily take a solo trip to a faraway land, try a new hobby, or decide you're going to launch a new side hustle, because why not?



Either you are new to the world of Le Creuset or a superfan, since Berry is the company's newest color. You've got a fun and spunky personality, and something tells us you're at a point in your life where you're about to embark on a new adventure.


Red ("Cerise")

You're a world traveler with eclectic tastes: your music collection spans every genre, you are proficient in cooking a variety of ethnic cuisines, and you might show up to a party sporting a caftan and a new hair color. Arts and culture rule your life and you probably tell people, "Everything I do is creative." Because, truth.


Light Purple ("Provence")

You're sensitive, intuitive, and a nature-lover. Even if you live in a city now, it's not your dream — you'd much prefer a little countryside cottage where you can have a bunch of animals and let yourself go a bit (not like you'd stop showering, but you'd gladly go without your costly weekly blowouts).

Aqua ("Caribbean")

You're easygoing and social, although you prefer intimate gatherings to, say, rocking out at Coachella — but if someone invited you, you wouldn't say no. You're philosophical and tend to look at life with a "big picture" view: What really matters? Why sweat the small stuff when there's so much more to life?

Yellow ("Soleil," retired)

You prefer things with history. You'll always choose vintage over new. You like your belongings to grow with you — after all, the longer you have them, the more stories they tell. Because you're also not a huge shopper, you adore a good bargain, so when you spend big, you do your research to feel confident you're getting the best deal money can buy.

Baby Pink ("Hibiscus")

Are you old enough to be operating fire on your own, young lady? Whatever. If you're over the age of 16, you project a youthful energy and have an appreciation for things that are pretty, shiny, cute, and just plain fun.