These 9 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Are Simply Wondrous

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From overcooking your chicken casserole in the oven, to simmering savory sauces on every burner, to the occasional (okay, frequent) spill, there's no denying that your kitchen can be a very chaotic place. Admittedly, where you choose to place all of your pots and pans often takes a backseat to the delicious meal that you're cooking, but your storage habits can create some serious decorum.

However, the plot thickens when you're working with a small kitchen and have even less square footage. With drawer and cabinet space at a premium, it's time to get a little creative. Below, nine small kitchen storage ideas to help you fit all of your belongings into teeny, tiny (albeit, stylish) quarters, plus where to shop.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #1: Float On

Want to increase your small kitchen's storage space without undergoing a big (and stressful!) renovation? Add some floating shelves to the mix. Not only are they easy to install, but open shelving is also one of the hottest kitchen trends around. Anne Sage creates some cohesion in her small kitchen by matching them to her cabinetry.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #2: Just Hanging

Or, if your kitchen doesn't have much empty wall space, dare to defy gravity. These hanging macrame wire baskets by World Market are a clever place to display fresh produce, but you can also use this boho piece of decor for lighter accessories like linen napkins and coasters.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #3: Out of The Box

Let's face it: Navigating a crowded kitchen cabinet (or pantry closet!) is no easy feat — yes, even if your cabinets are on the smaller side. A quick fix? Pick up some storage containers á la The Home Edit. It'll keep your cabinets meticulously organized, not to mention it makes one of the least glamorous parts of your small cook space picturesque.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #4: Above and Beyond

When it comes to small kitchen storage ideas, every inch counts. Sure, placing a container on top of your refrigerator doesn't feel like the most sophisticated option, but investing in a pretty woven basket can make a big difference. Let Emily Henderson show you how it's done.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #5: Back It Up

Take a cue from Jenn over at Clean and Scentsible and add a storage rail to the back of your cabinet doors. Not only does this hack max out your cabinet space, but it also keeps your cleaning supplies incredibly organized. It's a win-win in our book.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #6: Below Deck Design

In a dream world, you'd have a spacious island smack dab in the middle of your cook space with plenty of room to walk around. But in reality? Your kitchen is too tiny for anything but the essentials. A good compromise? Invest in a movable unit, like the stainless steel-wrapped option in this space designed by Sustainable Kitchens. You can roll it in for extra counter space, and roll it away when it's not in use. And an island with room for storage below is even better.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #7: Hang On

a knife holder made from magnets behind a layer of herringbone paint sticks mounted on a kitchen wall

If a traditional knife block takes up too much precious counter space, consider attaching your knives to a magnetic strip on the wall with the help of this DIY. Not only will this handy piece of decor make it easy to (safely) grab a knife at a moment's notice, but it looks pretty darn good, too.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #8: Take a Seat

Small kitchen storage ideas get more complicated when your already tiny quarters need to double as a dining room, too. Take a cue from Molly over at Almost Makes Perfect and create a breakfast nook that does double duty. The blogger actually DIYed a bench with storage with the help of a couple of dressers from IKEA. The perfect place to stow extra gadgets or linens, if you ask us.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #9: Under Pressure

We'll be honest: it never dawned on us that the base of a cabinet is a missed small kitchen storage opportunity. But ever since we saw the clever mug setup in Kimberly from Swoon Worthy's kitchen, we're big believers. Go ahead and install a few storage rails at the base of your cabinet and hang your chicest coffee cups with a few S-hooks.

Where to Buy Your Small Kitchen Storage Supplies

The Container Store: For years, The Container Store has been your one-stop shop for turning your space into an organized oasis. As expected, the store is bursting with stylish baskets, shelves, and hooks for every room of the house — yes, including the kitchen.

IKEA: The popular retailer brings its sleek, Scandinavian touch to storage supplies with its stock of well-appointed shelves and containers. Plus, IKEA has plenty of versatile bookshelves and furniture that can easily be repurposed.

Target: You can never buy just one thing whenever you visit Target's storefront or site, so why not put your mini shopping spree to good use and invest in some storage supplies? From drawer dividers to pot racks, and everything in between, Target has you covered.

Home Depot: Whether you want to challenge yourself to a DIY and pick up some tools or deck out your pantry with a few pretty containers, Home Depot is a great place to buy all of your small kitchen storage essentials in one fell swoop.

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