14 Affordable Entertaining Essentials That Only Look Expensive, Starting at $5

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If it weren't for the lure of avocado toast, poached eggs, and freshly brewed coffee, we here at Hunker headquarters would probably never get out of bed on Sunday. Given that our favorite Los Angeles brunch spots frequently boast lines around the block, clearly, we aren't the only ones. But you don't need to stand in an hours-long line at Sqirl to enjoy a leisurely weekend meal. (Though, for the record, their sorrel pesto rice bowl is well worth the wait).


Ahead, we're sharing all of the entertaining essentials you need to host a proper brunch at home. Here's what you should have on hand, from a linen tablecloth for setting a casual yet elevated table, to a pretty carafe ideal for serving premade mimosas, and a stoneware trivet for bringing a frittata straight from the oven to the table. Though you will need to leave your bed, changing out of your pajamas is optional. Scroll on to shop our picks, ahead.

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1. H&M Washed Linen Tablecloth, $49.99

For a casual yet elevated table.


2. Urban Outfitters 12-Piece Modern Dinnerware Set, $99.00

Understated, yet elegant dinnerware — and a steal at $99.


3. Anthropologie Streamlined Flatware, $34.00

Sleek, simple, and sophisticated flatware.


4. Zara Round Cutting Board, $35.90

This wood cutting board is pretty enough to double as a serving platter.



5. H&M Teardrop Glass Carafe, $17.99

Keep your guests hydrated in style.


6. H&M Beverage Glass, $4.99

With the glass tumblers to match.


7. Borrowed Blu Cotton Crinkle Napkins (set of 6), $89.00

Thanks to these napkins you can forgo paper towels, once and for all.


8. H&M Small Glass Vase, $12.99

Just add flowers.



9. Zara Conical Glass Jug, $19.90

Ideal for pouring premade mimosas.

10. Zara Coupe Glass, $9.90

It is brunch, after all.

11. Zara Greenish Stoneware Serving Dish, $69.90

Perfect for serving fresh fruit.

12. Hawkins New York Simple Walnut Serving Set, $70.00

Durable, dependable, and, most importantly, well-designed.


13. SIN Handmade Twist Trivet, $38.00

So you can bring that frittata straight from the oven to the table.

14. YIELD Ceramic French Press, $120.00

What would brunch be without coffee?



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