Breakfast in Bed Never Looked So Good

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As the first meal of the day, we think that breakfast deserves to be celebrated. And we're not talking about toasting a few frozen waffles, throwing them on a paper plate, and hurriedly stuffing them into your mouth. No, you deserve a stylish and drool-worthy dining experience, such as breakfast in bed. Usually reserved for special occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, or your birthday, but we say rules were meant to be broken. Treat yourself to a chic and luxurious bedroom feast — like these yummy buckwheat pancakes by Laura and Nora from the blog Our Food Stories — and watch all of your friends suffer from a serious case of FOMO.


1. Samovar Breakfast In Bed Tea Set, $35

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If you start every morning with a nice cup of tea, then this organic trio made up of different blends is perfect for you. The set includes velvet cacao pu-erh, caffeine-free spearmint sage, and masala chai black tea, which are rich in antioxidants so you can feel good about taking a moment to savor these delicious artisanal flavors.

2. Georg Jensen Helena Tea Egg, $50

This little perforated number created by Danish brand Georg Jensen and Spanish jewelry designer Helena Rohner is a must-have for any tea connoisseur. A match made in design heaven, the elegant curved lines of this mirror-polished stainless steel tea strainer turns a mundane practice into a luxurious rite of passage.


3. Yield Ceramic French Press, $120

On the other hand, if you're more of a coffee person, opt for this stunning ceramic French press instead. Topped with a copper pull this oh-so-dreamy gray pot will make every morning feel like a Parisian holiday ... well, almost.



4. Groundwork Coffee Sumatra - Reje Gayo Organic Coffee, $16.95

Want a freshly brewed cup of joe from your favorite coffee shop? Or, would you rather stay in the comfort of your cozy PJs? Well, luckily you don't have to choose. And no this doesn't mean you can go to the coffee shop in your pajamas. However, it does mean that you can enjoy this swanky coffee purveyor's exclusive blend every morning while snuggling in your luxurious 1000 thread count sheets.


5. Il Buco Vita Bevagna Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set, $78

Would you like some cream and sugar with that? The answer is always, "yes, please!" when it comes to these glazed terra-cotta beauties.


6. Gourmand Lait De Coco Candle, $14

Who says dinner is the only meal to be enjoyed by candlelight? We think that the most important meal of the day deserves a little ambiance, too — especially when it's served in bed, and smells like coconut milk.



7. Hawkins New York Cross Wool Throw, $198

Bring some hygge vibes to your breakfast feast with this Scandinavian-inspired throw. Plus, cuddling with this soft wool-cotton blend will be just what the doctor ordered to get you through your food coma.


8. Sheldon Ceramics Farmhouse Pitcher, $95

Beautiful fresh flowers in a stunning, handcrafted ceramic vase? We'd call that a serious breakfast, lunch, and dinner win-win.


9. Cultiver Linen Table Napkins ( set of 4 ), $45

Your boudoir's brand new bedding looks simply stunning. So keep it that way by using these indigo-striped linen napkins when dining in bed to avoid maple syrup-covered fingers soiling your duvet.



10. Pigeon Toe Ceramics Pebble Salt and Pepper Shakers, $60

Salt and pepper shakers are easily overlooked, until you're about two or three bites into your meal. That is, unless you have these elegant ceramic shakers. Inspired by nature, they are cast from a river rock, unglazed, sanded smooth, and topped with a cork stopper. The end result is simply unforgettable.

11. Oslo Matte Gold Cutlery Set, $100

You might be in your adult onesie, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in a little glamour. And we're pretty sure that this gold-hued cutlery will make your veggie omelet taste even better, too. So treat yourself ... you deserve it!

12. Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe, $78.40

Ditch the jammies and opt for this organic cotton, waffle weave robe to lounge in instead. You can spend the entire day pretending you're at a luxurious day spa, and the best part is you won't have to pay a ridiculously expensive bill at the end.


13. Hawkins New York Stonewashed Linen Bedding, starting at $78

When your sheets are insanely comfortable, not to mention gorgeous — like this stonewashed linen collection — you pretty much want to curl up and live in them forever. But since that idea is not yet acceptable in society, you'll have to make due with dining and napping on them ... in that order.

14. Simon Pearce Barre Alabaster Cereal Bowl Place Setting, starting at $30

While you may not consider yourself a food blogger, this striking asymmetrical design begs to differ. Handmade from alabaster, this modern and organic design will turn every meal into Instagram gold.

15. Skultuna Solid Brass Napkin Rings ( Set of 2 ), $52

We're pretty sure that it would be a crime to banish dazzling napkin rings to a drawer until the holidays. Be sure to avoid this design faux pas, and add a little glamour to your morning ritual in the process, with these stunning polished brass orbs.

16. Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Cinnamon Maple, $13.99

A towering stack of your world famous fluffy pancakes deserve nothing but the best. Smother them in this ooey-gooey goodness made with maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains and cassia cinnamon from Indonesia — the burst of flavors is pretty much mind-blowing.

17. Sagaform Oak Bed Tray, $95

You really can't enjoy the art of breakfast in bed without a proper bed tray. And this beautifully crafted Swedish design definitely fits the bill. Made from warm, high-quality oak with stainless steel folding legs, this minimalist design looks so good you might be tempted to forgo the dining table at every meal.



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