6 DIY Rustic Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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With more time being spent at home these days, legions of individuals are beginning to tap into their crafty side — mastering the art of homemade sourdough bread, championing the many uses of lavender, and yes, even successfully outfitting their family members with cleverly designed face masks. If you too have been itching for an opportunity to put your DIY skills to work, we're here to help with a project that's a little more challenging: a DIY rustic headboard.


And since rustic decor tends to have an inherently aged and lived-in quality, the pressure for perfection is off your shoulders. Ready to get started? Ahead you'll find six DIY rustic headboard ideas that are guaranteed to spruce up your bedroom in no time.

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1. Consider a shelf.

Keep (lightweight) essentials within arm's reach with a DIY rustic headboard idea that includes a petite perch like this one from The Simple Farmhouse. We love the practical addition of hardwired black sconces.

2. Embrace a barn door look.

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to bring a barn door into your house, then this DIY rustic headboard is for you. Since real barn doors can be a tad bit expensive, Laura from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow had the genius idea to make a pair of her own. And bonus, it only set her back $50!


3. Opt for leather.

Leather infuses spaces with texture and character. It also wears incredibly well, developing a patina and lived-in look that works with any design style. You can bring that enviable warmth to your bedroom with a DIY rustic headboard like this one from Not Just A Housewife: It's made from woven leather straps and is easier to assemble than you might think.



4. Go white.

Follow the lead of Abby from Sew Much Ado and brighten up your DIY rustic headboard with a little white paint. The herringbone pattern adds visual interest and texture without being too busy or distracting. Complete the look with an assortment of punchy pillows for a fun and playful vibe.


5. Add a matching platform.

If you consider yourself a proficient DIYer, are feeling ambitious, or just have some time to kill, follow Mr. Kate's directions and construct a rustic headboard AND an adjoining platform. The clean lines bring a modern sensibility to the natural material, and the dark coloring of the wood is a welcome addition in a sea of white.


6. Employ chevron.

A blue feature wall is the perfect backdrop to display a chevron patterned DIY rustic headboard. This oversize beauty by East Coast Creative feels refined thanks to its uniform rich hue, but the space retains a bright feeling thanks to plenty of white accent pieces like an upholstered bench, sumptuous rug, and bedside tables.



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