17 Tools for Bread-Making at Home

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Noticed a lot more bread-related content in your social media feeds? Same here. With more people staying indoors, we can't help but notice that lots of pastry lovers have extra time to make bread. And even those of us who only know about it from watching The Great British Bake Off want to get involved.


If you find yourself in one of these groups, or you just LOVE bread, we rounded up some tools to get you started on your yeast-filled adventures.

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1. Bread Baking for Beginners by Bonnie Ohara, $11.99

If you don't quite know where to start, Bonnie Ohara can help. Bread Baking for Beginners: The Essential Guide to Baking Kneading Breads, No-Knead Breads, and Enriched Breads includes photos for each step of the way. Ohara runs a cottage bakery in Modesto, California.


2. Wheat Montana Premium All-Purpose Flour, $5.98

Let's not forget an important essential. This all-purpose flour is great for bread but also other baked goods, like cookies, if you realize bread is too much work.


3. Black Walnut Handle Bread Lame, $34.95

This French-style lame does the trick when it comes to scoring your dough before putting it in the oven. Bonus points for its beautiful walnut handle.



4. Sur La Table Platinum Pro Loaf Pan, $22

You'll need somewhere to shape that dough into a beautiful loaf. This aluminized steel loaf pan was designed to avoid warping or sticking that might make it hard to take your precious breads out.


5. Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick Mini Loaf Pans (set of 4), $28.95

Interested in mini breads or pound cake? These dishwasher-safe mini loaf pans will do the trick.


6. Sur La Table Stainless Steel Dough Scraper, $10

We've watched enough episodes of The Great British Bake Off to know you need a good dough scraper to keep your dough in good shape (aka from sticking to your chosen surface).



7. Baking Sourdough Bread by Goran Söderin and George Strachal, $9.99

If you really just want to cut to the chase and focus on sourdough, Baking Sourdough Bread comes packed with recipes for sweet breads, loaves, and even crackers.


8. Sur La Table Digital Glass Scale, $34.95

Make sure those measurements look impeccable with this digital scale.


9. Lakeshore Linen Bread Bag (set of 2), $36

Keep those loaves warm for longer (you worked hard on them!) with linen bread bags. Plus, it makes your table setup look even fancier.


10. IKEA 365+ Bread Knife, Stainless Steel, $17.99


When you need just a basic, no-frills bread knife, IKEA has your back.

11. Cuisinart Bread Maker (2 pounds), $185

This is definitely a splurge but we had to include it. This bread maker does all of the work of kneading and baking. It has 12 different menu options, from white bread to whole wheat bread to gluten-free bread to sweet bread. You can even choose your preferred loaf size and crust shade (light, medium, or dark).

12. Williams Sonoma Multigrain Bread Mix, $11.95

You'll need some mix for that bread maker, naturally. This one contains enough for two loaves of bread.

13. No-Fail Gluten-Free Bread Baking by Pamela Ellgen, $10.99


If you need to avoid gluten, you can find lots of cookbooks out there with modified recipes. No-Fail Gluten-Free Bread Baking: Classic Bread Recipes for the Texture & Flavor You Love actually covers everything from sandwich breads to pizza crusts.

14. H&M Home Large Bread Basket, $17.99

This one is probably more for the 'gram, but who doesn't like a fancy bread basket at the table?

15. Opinel Brunch Knife (set of 2), $40

Once those beautiful bread loaves look ready to eat, you'll want some tools to layer them with butter, jam, and any other workings. These brunch knives comes with rounded tips that make it easier to scoop your preferred topping for your bread.

16. H&M Home Cotton Apron, $17.99

Naturally, you will probably get flour everywhere, so protect your (at-home) outfit with this chic apron.

17. Kawaii Bread by Shirley Wong, $17.99

Honestly, we are suckers for cute breads and pastries. Shirley Wong's Kawaii Bread guides you through techniques for making plain and filled buns, loaves, and pull-part bread — with a cute twist. Wong boasts lots of food blogging experience, as well as work with brands like Disney and Sanrio.



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