Prediction: These DIY Bedroom Ideas Will Have You Rolling Up Your Sleeves

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Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Like most people, the laundry list of changes we want to make to our homes continues to grow, but our bank accounts rarely follow suit. While there's certainly a time and place for leaving home projects to the professionals, there's also something pretty damn empowering about taking matters into your own hands to do-it-yourself. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned DIYer or a true novice, these DIY bedroom ideas will have you at your local home improvement store and knee-deep in wood glue faster than you can say HGTV.


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From a trendy DIY headboard tutorial to easy-to-make drawer organizers that would make Marie Kondo proud, prepare to be inspired to transform every nook and cranny of your bedroom into a neat and tidy space with these 11 do-it-yourself projects.

1. DIY Drawer Organizing Boxes

This DIY bedroom idea might just be the most life-changing one on this list. Imagine starting your day with a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing visual of your most used belongings. Goodbye, morning stress — and hello, serenity now. All thanks to these simple, not to mention, easy-to-make DIY "Hikidashi" boxes that will organize your dresser in a snap.

2. DIY S-Hook Shelf

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

No matter the size of your sleeping quarters, this DIY bedroom idea known as an S-hook shelf provides the perfect spot to store odds and ends like handbags, light jackets, or scarves, without taking up an ounce of floor space. (But, if you do happen to have enough floor space for a standing clothing rack, may we suggest this minimalist DIY copper clothing stand?)

3. DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet

Image Credit: Francesca Stone

There's nothing we love more than a good IKEA hack. This DIY shoe storage cabinet project transforms a basic find from the mega-retailer into an absolute statement piece with simple wooden dowels.


4. DIY Bohemian Wood Bead Wall Hanging

Image Credit: Carrie Waller

Custom art will usually break the bank, but this easy DIY bohemian wall hanging made with wood beads will take your bedroom from boring to boho in just seven simple steps. And bonus: it will only set you back a few bucks. The extra dose of texture adds just the right amount of interest, even in the most neutral spaces.

5. Under-$20 Scandi-Style Lamp

Image Credit: Francesca Stone

Great lighting can make or break a space, and this Scandinavian-inspired lamp will elevate your entire design for less than $20. (And, trust us, this DIY bedroom idea is way easier than you might think.)

6. DIY Cane Headboard

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Look no further than this DIY cane headboard to introduce earthy textures and natural accents to a basic bedroom. Embracing the cane trend has never been easier, thanks to a simple IKEA shelf frame that transforms into a stylish piece of custom-made furniture.

7. DIY Mattress Deodorizer

Image Credit: Ana Stanciu

OK, so this might not be the most glamorous DIY bedroom idea, but giving your mattress a deep clean every six months can lead to a better night's sleep, thanks to a germ- and allergen-free space. That's reason enough for all of us to roll up our sleeves!


8. DIY Breakfast Tray

breakfast items on a tray made from plywood with leather strips for handles

As if breakfast in bed wasn't already tempting enough, this super cute DIY breakfast tray just made Sunday morning all the more sweet, thanks to inexpensive plywood and leather.

9. DIY Plywood Headboard With Built-In Shelves

a headboard made out of a sheet of unfinished plywood with two shelves mounted on it

A DIY minimalist headboard that can look chic and add storage? Sign us up. Use the extra shelving to hold your cell phone, a potted plant, or scented candle — the perfect solution for tight quarters.

10. Easy-to-Make Mud Cloth Pillows

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Throw pillows can be surprisingly expensive, and these DIY mud cloth pillows are a stylish option when you need an extra layer of pattern and interest, but don't want to over invest. Bonus: no sewing required.

11. IKEA Dresser Hack

White wood IKEA dresser with plant on wood floor

It's hard to believe that this sophisticated one-of-a-kind storage piece began as a humble IKEA Tarva dresser. With the addition of new hardware, paint, and geometric wooden details, the affordable dresser becomes a showstopper that's well worth the elbow grease.


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