Read This Before Getting a Pallet Bed

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Pallet beds have been all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest for years now — they're budget friendly and work within a variety of home styles from rustic to boho, after all. And you can either buy or DIY them — options! But we also have so many questions, like ... do your legs bleed every time you bump into one? And how exactly are you supposed to clean underneath? As it turns out, a Reddit user was wondering the same, and fellow Redditors were quick to share their experiences with the trendy beds.


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"Seen wooden pallet bed frames, but are they actually practical or are they a safety hazard?"

Most seem to find them overrated. Interesting! Read on to learn more before committing to a pallet bed:

1. Splinters and Spiders

"I stayed in an Airbnb for two weeks on a pallet bed and hated it. I stubbed my toes, scraped my ankles, and got splinters so many times just getting in and out of bed (which is made more difficult by the weird height!). I looked into the pallets with a flashlight when I left to make sure I hadn't dropped something important in there, and discovered that we were sleeping on top of Dust City, Spidersota."

2. Big Step

"Not practical. Whatsoever. Imagine having to always step over them out of bed or going into bed. If you don't sand the everlasting hell out of them there is such a huge chance of splinters/splits in the wood. Honestly not worth it. Looks cheap anyway."

3. Dusty but Cute

"I had a pallet bed for a little less than a year and it looked cute but it was super annoying. I had to be careful getting in and out of bed so as not to get splinters. It also got soooo dusty between the pallets. It was too hard to clean."


4. Possibly Hazardous

"Worked in trucking for a while. Pallets are dirty and disgusting — covered in all the dirt, dust, and chemicals that you could imagine end up in the bottom of trucks and shipping depots. These are often never cleaned beyond a quick sweep (if that). Many are also treated with chemicals to keep them from rotting. Please do not use these inside your home. You can buy new wood from Home Depot to safely emulate this (hideous) look without endangering yourself."

5. Photographs Well

"I used one for a couple of years. They look nice in kitschy Instagram posts but kinda shitty in person."

6. Fire Hazard?

"When I was in high school, we would stack pallets and light them on fire for the most massive bonfires ever. I would not want to sleep on something that goes up in flames so quickly."

7. Squeaky

"Everything is a fire hazard when you make french fries in bed. More than anything the squeaking would drive you nuts. The joinery on those pallets aren't as nice as you'd think. Nor are the planks perfectly level, etc."


8. Back Pain

"I slept on it for a while in my student room. The ceiling was diagonal so I had a lot less space there and just put my bed there. It can look nice, but it's something for students, not older. It's also quite harsh on your back."


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