12 Dreamy Paint Colors for Bedrooms With Dark Furniture

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When the time comes to narrow down your bedroom color palette, people oftentimes forget to consider the finish of their furniture. But that's a mistake. Whether you prefer subtle choices (like white and light wood) or something a bit bolder (like dark wood and black), your furniture can either complement or compete with your wall color.


Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln, co-founders of Pure Salt Interiors, tend to go for lighter wall colors with dark furniture to add an airy feeling to the space. "A go-to color for us is Simply White by Benjamin Moore. This soft shade is the perfect neutral backdrop for any palette, but we love the way it balances with deep and rich tones for a look that doesn't overwhelm," says Morford. "It has a warmer undertone than darker colors [that] can help to bring out their contrast for an overall cozy and homey look, which is especially appropriate for a bedroom."

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And just because you have dark furniture in your boudoir, that doesn't mean that the bedroom wall color has to follow suit — the look can work just as seamlessly in a light and airy scheme as it can a dramatic and moody refuge. The only question is: ​How do you want your space to feel?​ Need a little inspo to help you decide? From cream to sage green, these color ideas are first on our list.


12 Paint Colors That Go With Dark Bedroom Furniture

1. Sage Green

Sage green walls paired with rich hardwood floors are a match made in design heaven. The white bedding and dark brown furniture are subtle additions that don't take anything away from the verdant paint color, and yet add to the room's overall coziness.


Get the look:Calke Green by Farrow & Ball

2. White

The bold contrast of black and white works seemingly well in this bedroom. A black canopy bed and door frame balance the crisp white backdrop, resulting in a light-filled escape. Complete the look and add a pop of color with a burnt-orange duvet cover and a few potted plants.



Get the look:Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

3. Light Gray

Inject your space with industrial flair by opting for a light gray paint reminiscent of concrete — or if your space actually has concrete walls, even better. The uneven, raw finish offers loads of texture and pairs beautifully with dark furniture as proven by this bedroom setup. White bedding with a pop of color brightens the space up and ties everything together.


Get the look:Classic Gray by Portola Paints & Glazes

4. Cream

If you're partial to black and white palettes, but you're worried that the popular color combination might feel a bit stark, consider going with a cream shade instead. Dark bedroom furniture and off-white walls will result in a timeless and elegant color scheme that still feels warm and inviting. For instance, in this cozy space by Studio McGee, a black nightstand and charcoal gray upholstered headboard offer ample contrast without coming across as too severe.


Get the look:Moonlight by Backdrop


5. Black

If you're looking for a dark color idea, you can't go wrong with black bedroom walls. This inviting refuge shows us how to pull off the look: Simply pair the ebony hue with rich wood furniture and a touch of greenery. White pieces of home decor — like the bedding, curtains, and floor lamp shade — will keep the setup feeling open and airy.


Get the look:Noir by Jolie

6. Hunter Green

Similar to black, hunter green walls also look stunning when used with dark wood furniture. If you're not willing to go for a darker color on every wall, opt for a verdant accent wall while sticking with white paint for the remaining walls. Once again, white bedding helps to balance the more dramatic finishes.


Get the look:Weekend Upstate by Backdrop

7. Navy Blue

Monochromatic color ideas are all the rage these days, and this dreamy scene by Becky Shea is no exception. Here, navy blue walls, ceiling, and curtains are paired with dark furniture, resulting in a dramatic and moody refuge that's perfect for hours of uninterrupted sleep. The lighter-colored rug and bedding, complete with navy accents, keep the handsome design from feeling like a cave.



Get the look:Goodnight Moon by Clare

8. Pink

If you've been looking for a way to add a bit of pink to your space without it feeling too saccharine, try pairing the rosy hue with dark furniture. In this bedroom, rich wood pieces, earthy bedding, and neutral carpeting make the pastel hue feel more grown-up and sophisticated. Throw in a few dark pillows and some abstract art to complete the scene.

Get the look:Pink Drab by Farrow & Ball

9. Dark Brown

Moody and romantic, the dark brown walls and ceiling in this bedroom makeover by Chris Loves Julia make a bold statement, especially when paired with dark furniture. The light blue bedding and bench offer a cool and refreshing visual break from the dramatic backdrop, while the crystal chandelier reflects light and gives off luxury hotel vibes.

Get the look:London Clay by Farrow & Ball

10. Teal

Can't decide between blue or green? Well, the good news is that you don't have to. The color teal offers the best of both worlds and it also happens to look stunning alongside dark pieces of furniture, as proven by this dreamy boho bedroom belonging to Dabito from Old Brand New. A blush pink coverlet brightens up the space, while simultaneously adding even more color.


Get the look:Deep Dive by Clare

11. Beige

There is a reason that neutral colors will never go out of style — they work with pretty much every aesthetic and accent shade. For example, in this stunning bedroom design by Chango & Co., the beige walls and carpet offer a subtle backdrop for traditional pieces of dark wood furniture. The end result is tranquil and oh-so-elegant.

Get the look:Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams

12. Maroon

This moody bedroom by Heidi Caillier wins the award for the most surprising color to pair with dark furniture: maroon. The romantic, yet unpredictable, wall color choice looks right at home in this charming setup. Follow the design team's lead and pair with vintage wall art, scissor-style wall sconces, and mismatched bedding patterns to transport you to a simpler time.

Get the look:Cottage Red by Benjamin Moore

The Best Paint Colors to Pair With Dark Furniture

When finalizing a color palette for a bedroom, remember to keep in mind what you initially set out to accomplish. What do you want the overall mood to be? How much lighting is available in the space? Also, don't forget to consider your existing decor and flooring. Oftentimes, the pieces you already have can be a great source of inspiration.

Just to recap, here are our favorite colors to pair with dark furniture:

  • Sage green
  • White
  • Light Gray
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Hunter Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Pink
  • Dark Brown
  • Teal
  • Beige
  • Maroon