How to Use the Color Beige in Every Room of Your House

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If you're looking for a color that's dependable and versatile, we've got just the hue for you. That's right, it's beige. It's often overlooked and considered conservative or even a little bit dull. But beige colors, in our opinion, are the perfect neutrals; they're calming, restorative, and adaptable.


Created from a combination of a pale gray, brown, and yellow (but not to be confused with taupe), it comes in varying shades that will work with a multitude of other colors from white to brights.

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Take inspiration from these beige rooms that are anything but boring.


1. Match your walls and kitchen cabinets.

Beige might not be your first port of call for an area such as the kitchen, but if this design by Nordiska Kök is anything to go by, it should be. The unbleached silk color flows from the walls to the cabinetry, creating a seamless and sleek aesthetic that would be a joy to spend time in.

Get the look​: Farrow & Ball Stony Ground

2. Light up your living room.

A brilliant white can be quite harsh in certain spaces. But did you know that a hint of beige can do all the work to make your living room feel slightly warmer? The soft beige in Courtney's 12th and White living room has a pink undertone, making it ideal for pairing with the white shelving and gray furniture.


Get the look​: Porter Paints Casual Elegance

3. Try a two-tone look.

From French beige to sand and even khaki, there are plenty of beige shades to choose from depending on the look and style you want to achieve. Experiment with your room, just like Ruth of Design Soda Ruthie did, and apply different beige colors to the walls and ceilings for a look with more depth.



Get the look​: Mylands Grouse and Mylands Pediment

4. Contrast it with white.

For an effortlessly cool Scandinavian aesthetic, combine your beige with some cool white. As this space by Hanna Friberg demonstrates, the beige offers a little warmth while the white keeps things crisp and clean.


Get the look​: Jotun Soothing Beige

5. Wow with beige paneling.

When we're looking for chic neutrals, we always head to the home of Bianca from French for Pineapple for a lesson in color. Bianca updated her dining room by adding paneling to the white walls. The creamy tone has a Parisian look that feels elegant and expensive.


Get the look​: Benjamin Moore Navajo White

6. Keep it minimal in the bedroom.

Thanks to its soothing qualities, beige is ideal for any master bedroom; just keep the rest of the look minimal to match. Matthew Spade incorporated light beige linen and cushions into his beige bedroom design scheme, adding a simple line painting to the wall for a pop of contrast. When your bedroom looks this good, it'll be a struggle to leave it every morning.



Get the look​: Farrow & Ball Savage Ground

7. Combine beige with earthy tones for a children's room.

Neutrals are often overlooked for kids' spaces, but they can easily provide the perfect backdrop for whimsy. Take this room by Lisa and Leona from the Wohn Project. The soft desert beige works beautifully with the minimalist wood furniture and earthy color palette. Plus, it will bring all the sleepy feelings.


Get the look​: Sherwin Williams Muslin

8. Go for a beige color with subtle hints of gray.

Warm greige is a classic blend of gray tones and beige, so it has a slightly more sophisticated air that's perfect for rooms with less natural light. This master bathroom from Heidi Caillier Design shows how a beige color can bring a little drama to a more traditional setup.

Get the look​: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige



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