11 Parisian Apartments You Need to See

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If it's not your dream to one day live in Paris, then just BYE. Between the positively orgasmic architecture, decor, design, food, art, ALL THE THINGS, there's literally no reason to not daydream about packing up and settling down in a herringbone-floored flat in St. Germain. So, delve into these Parisian home tours to escape:


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1. A Fashion-Forward Apartment in the Swanky 8th

TAKE THE TOUR: The living room is all classic, while the kitchen is a winning example of modern design.


2. Top-Floor Loft in the 5th

TAKE THE TOUR: This 500-square-foot space was redone in a super cheap material — oriented strand board — to create the walls and built-ins.


3. Marais Apartment With Blue Built-ins

TAKE THE TOUR: An atelier-style glass barrier divides this awkward space.


4. A Tiny Home in the 9th That Feels Like a Boutique Hotel

TAKE THE TOUR: The 9th is a great spot these days — parts of it used to be kind of grimy, but now you find all sorts of cool and trendy things there.


5. A Former Parking Garage in the 18th

TAKE THE TOUR: Architects made more than 70 storage areas out of what was essentially a cement box.


6. An Industrial Flat in the 13th That Can Transform Before Your Eyes

TAKE THE TOUR: With only 320-square-feet, this studio features a movable, reconfigurable storage unit.


7. A Classically Parisian Family Home in the 7th

TAKE THE TOUR: The 7th can feel sleepy (think upper-class families), but this fun, boho-ish apartment makes us think twice.


8. A Book Lovers' Paradise in the 'Burbs

TAKE THE TOUR: This modern build just outside Paris is basically a live-in library.

9. A Rainbow Paradise in Hilly Montmartre

TAKE THE TOUR: The rainbow floors in the kitchen will grab you, but the living room also works color in amazing ways.

10. A Loft in the 11th With a Golden Cabin (Yes, Really)

TAKE THE TOUR: Here's another concrete-box-type situation, which was remedied by creating a freestanding gold cabin that houses extra rooms.

11. A Narrow Vacation Rental Near the Pompidou

TAKE THE TOUR: If you live in a long and narrow apartment, this rental will offer layout inspo.