9 Bedroom Office Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Sh*t Done

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Anyone who works from home (even just a little) knows a dedicated office space — with a door — is #goals. Unfortunately, not every home has an entire room to spare. If setting up shop at the dining room table is too distracting or won't cut it for your conference calls, the next best bet is to put a desk in a comfortable, quiet space with a door (aka the bedroom). Here are nine bedroom office ideas to inspire productivity (and maybe a little procrastination while you redesign).


1. Desk as a Nightstand

Whether you're short on space or you just don't want to have to look directly at your work area from bed, consider using a desk in place of a nightstand, like designer Kate Lester did for a recent client project. And hey, if you wake up with a brilliant idea at 2 a.m. you don't even have to get out of bed to jot it down.

2. A Work Wall

If you're ready to go all in on this bedroom office idea, dedicate an entire wall to your workspace. Just think of all the surface area and storage you'll have for your "very important" work things.

3. In Front of the Window

If your productivity is dependent on a steady stream of natural light, position your desk in front of a window like Alina Pál did in her beautiful Berlin bedroom. In addition to the extra vitamin D that you'll be absorbing, you'll also have a nice view that might inspire your next great work of art. Or email. Or something.

4. Modern Minimalist

Even professional interior stylists need to set up a workspace in their own bedrooms sometimes, and Anita Yokota nailed this bedroom office idea with a modern minimalist desk.


5. Midcentury Minimalist

OK, Amber Lewis designed this gorgeous room for one very lucky 5-year-old. But we'd totally write some Mad Men-inspired ad copy at that amazing midcentury desk.

6. Dorm Room Style

Short on space? Take inspiration from college kids and loft your bed, leaving space for a desk underneath. If all that sounds like too much work, you can just buy the whole setup on Amazon.

7. Headboard as a Room Divider

Here's a bedroom office idea we hadn't thought of: Put your desk behind your headboard like this creatively styled studio apartment. An upholstered headboard will keep your workspace out of sight while you sleep.

8. A Chic Creative Space

If you want your bedroom office idea to really work for you, incorporate stylish versions of elements that you'd find in a "real" office. Virtual design team Topology Interiors created a custom chalkboard wall calendar that totally works in this chic bedroom workspace.


9. A Beautiful Built-In

Nobody said your bedroom desk space needed to be an actual desk. For this gorgeous guest room design, Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch DIYed a built-in work area that has plenty of storage but still maintains a pretty small footprint.


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