20 Bedroom Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

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Anyone who works from home (even just a little) knows a home office space can be a major plus. Unfortunately, not every home has an entire room to spare. If setting up shop at the dining room table is too distracting or won't cut it for your conference calls, the next best bet is to put a desk in a comfortable, quiet space with a door — the bedroom immediately comes to mind. While the thought of bringing work into an area dedicated to R&R may seem less than ideal, with a few clever tricks (and some boundaries) you can seamlessly combine the two with effortless flair. Ahead, you'll find 20 home office design ideas tucked in a bedroom that inspire productivity and look good to boot.


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1. Make the desk pull double-duty as a nightstand.

Whether you're short on space or you just don't want to have to look directly at your work area while laying in bed, consider using a desk in place of a nightstand, as demonstrated in this home office design by Kate Lester. And hey, if you wake up with a brilliant idea at 2 a.m. you don't even have to get out of bed to jot it down.


2. Go big.

If you're ready to go all-in on the idea of a bedroom office, dedicate an entire wall to your workspace à la this setup spotted on IKEA. Just think of all the surface area and storage you'll have for your "very important" work things.


3. Set up shop in front of a window.

If your productivity is dependent on a steady stream of natural light, position your desk directly in front of a window like Alina Pál did in her beautiful Berlin bedroom. In addition to the extra vitamin D that you'll be absorbing, you'll also have a nice view that might inspire your next great work of art. Or email. Or something.


4. Keep it modern and minimalist.

Even professional interior designers need to set up a workspace in their sleeping quarters sometimes, as proven by this bedroom office idea belonging to Anita Yokota. The minimalist desk design keeps the setup light so it doesn't take anything away from the rest of the room.


5. Go for a midcentury twist.

Amber Lewis designed this gorgeous room for one seemingly very grown-up, not to mention lucky, five-year-old. But we'd totally write some ​Mad Men​-inspired ad copy at that amazing midcentury desk.


6. Welcome boho flair.

Are you a free-spirited, plant-loving creative? Then take inspiration from this boho-inspired office makeover by Craftberry Bush. The alternating shelves provide lots of storage space for books, office supplies, and lush greenery, of course — while the white desk almost disappears.


7. Skip the chair in favor of a stool.

Here's a small bedroom office idea that we hadn't considered: Opt for an ottoman instead of a chair. Dabito from Old Brand New cleverly did away with the traditionally bulky desk chair and went with something a fraction of its size. Just keep in mind that if you are required to sit for long periods of time, this space-saving solution may not be the best option for your back.


8. Stick to a color scheme.

If you want your bedroom office idea to really work for you, stick to a cohesive color scheme. This neutral workspace by virtual design team Topology Interiors blends right in with the rest of the room, resulting in a seamless transition from one area to the next.


9. Opt for a DIY workstation.

Nobody said your workstation needed to include an actual desk. For this gorgeous guest bedroom design, Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch challenged herself to a little DIY project and crafted her own desk, complete with plenty of storage.


10. Drop it down.

Consider this proof that no bedroom is too small for a workspace. A compact wall-mounted desk in this Hudson Valley home by GRT Architects offers the perfect balance of form and function. Its drop-top functionality is not only a space-saving bonus but a design-forward one as well.

11. Reserve the far side of the room.

If you have the square footage for it, arrange your bedroom home office in a way that allows for distance between the bed and the desk. Take a cue from this home's open layout and arrange the furnishings away from one another to carve out independent zones.

12. Pare it down.

If you're looking to carve out a small home office in your bedroom without compromising the existing design scheme, take note of this setup, belonging to Emma Tuccillo, the founder of And North, and consider ditching the standard officeware. A vintage writing desk can offer a bold splash of character and style while still remaining functional.

13. Tuck it in.

If there's one thing we've learned from this tiny Palm Springs getaway by Stayner Architects it's that a home office can exist just about anywhere — even in the primary bedroom. Tucked between the wardrobe and floor-to-ceiling windows (beautifully concealed behind the ochre drapes) a sleek desk space with a built-in filing cabinet offers all the basics of a full-blown workstation.

14. Invest in a built-in desk.

The streamlined built-in seen in this Tokyo-based dwelling design by CASE-REAL extends from one end of the room to the other, offering a perfectly minimalist window seat that doubles as a productive workspace. The idea is pretty genius if you ask us.

15. Don't forget the kiddos.

When we think "home office" we immediately imagine a space for adults to do their work, but kids need an area to be productive, too. This floral-filled bedroom by architect Camille Hermand features a colorful workspace complete with a bubblegum pink desk lamp that is bound to do wonders for your little one's creativity — and schoolwork, of course.

16. Mind the desk chair.

A bedroom home office doesn't necessarily need to be equipped with an ultra utilitarian office chair. Get creative with a design-forward option (that doesn't scrimp on function) to keep the setup feeling like a cohesive extension of your space.

17. Use every nook.

No nook or cranny of a bedroom is too compact for creating a dedicated workspace and this dreamy, minimalist setup by design firm Shelter is definitely one to mirror. Go for a small desk that's built-in or even a floating shelf in lieu of a traditional freestanding version to maximize valuable floor space. Complete the scene with a Scandi-chic chair and table lamp.

18. Go behind the scenes.

Whether it's the back of a bed's headboard, the closet wall, or a lone stretch of empty wall space, a floating shelf can always function as a design-forward alternative to a traditional desk. In this 1980s apartment by Laura Ortín, the work surface is ingeniously designed to fold down when not in use, making for the ultimate pop-up experience.

19. Keep it simple.

In this industrial Philadelphia loft belonging to photographer Max Grudzinski, a minimalist desk perfectly captures the essence of the existing scheme, complementing it in both color and style. Set in the corner under a wall of steel-framed windows, the light-filled workspace feels like an organic extension of his sleeping quarters.

20. Carve out room for two.

Urban Oaks Design Co. doubled up on the idea and created a home office for two. The long DIY-friendly wood desk is home to a trio of filing cabinets that provides ample storage space. But the setup also includes shelving that mimics the length of the desk and runs from one side of the room to the next, resulting in even more storage. And although this office space is big on function, the forest green backdrop and impeccably styled shelves prove that this design is far from all work and no play.


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