These Bedroom Desk Ideas for Kids Are Too Cool for School

Every adult needs a work station, where you can pay bills, fill out forms, and do all of those other "adulting" tasks. Well, guess what? Kids need work stations, too, although they might be using them for activities that are a lot less boring.

As you plan out furniture for your little ones, consider adding a bedroom desk that fits in perfectly and acts as a handy workspace. Once you've landed on the perfect surface, weave in all the other must-haves, like lighting, an inspiration board, small storage solutions, and fun, colorful pieces of decor that your kiddos will love.

Here are seven spaces that have perfected the art of the kids' work station:

1. Include smart storage.

Your child's work station will definitely need some thoughtful storage for all those art supplies, pens, pencils, papers, and who knows what else. Pairing a work surface with a drawer unit is sheer brilliance, proven in this sweet space designed by Holly of Avenue Lifestyle.

2. Stick to a color palette.

We're guessing that your kiddo's bedroom has a color palette of some sort, so consider your existing kids' bedroom furniture when you choose a work station. For instance, in this space dreamed up by Melinda Hawkes, the gray bedroom desk plays nicely with the rust, white, and black hues seen in the rest of the space.

3. Use the whole wall.

Large kids' bedroom desk area in all-white with farmhouse chairs and children's toys
credit: Becki Owens

For a ginormous work station your kids will adore, consider running it along an entire wall. This is ideal if you have multiple children or if your child wants to invite their pals over for a little art party. We love the stylishness and functionality of this spacious work station designed by Becki Owens.

4. Represent your child’s personality.

Kids' bedroom desk with black Scandinavian chair, posters, backpack, and books
credit: Say Yes

There are few places that better show off a kid's personality than their work station. When they're doing their homework or reading a favorite book, they can look up and instantly see things that make them feel good and happy. There's personality for days at this bedroom desk decked out by Liz of Say Yes, seen through the posters, books, and punchy colors.

5. Keep things simple and clean.

So, kids can be kind of messy. They have this uncanny ability to spread all of their stuff out — and they're known to leave it that way. Keep disorganization and overwhelm at bay with a minimal work station. That way, if their things are strewn all over the place, at least they're starting with a clean, simple surface. This bedroom desk styled by Manda of The Merrythought is minimalist perfection, and it looks really cool, too.

6. Combine patterns for unique visuals.

Kids' bedroom desk area in pink, blue, and white with bone inlay desk
credit: Juniper Home

A kids' work station doesn't need to be stuffy. In fact, we encourage a space that's full of fun and boasts attention-grabbing patterns. This bone inlay bedroom desk chosen by Jenny of Juniper Home is beautifully patterned and looks unique alongside the polka-dot pegboard.

7. Maximize small spaces.

Even if your little one's bedroom is, well, little, never fear. Desks come in oh-so-many sizes nowadays, and you're guaranteed to find one that'll fit in the teeniest of nooks. In this bed chamber styled by Shannon Eddings and featured on The Effortless Chic, a diminutive IKEA surface wedges flawlessly into this alcove. Bonus points for the one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, too.

Shelby Deering

Shelby Deering

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