9 Corner Home Office Ideas That Make the Case for a Small WFH Setup

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For one reason or another, be it a global pandemic, becoming your own boss, or the rise in working remotely, more and more people are making the change to work from home. And while the living room sofa and dining room table are nice office stand-ins, they definitely aren't a long-term solution to your workspace woes. But not everyone has an extra room just waiting to become a functional and stylish home office.


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Luckily, even if you don't have an entire room that you can dedicate to work, you likely have an empty corner that's primed for an office makeover. And the good news is that even though it might be a tight squeeze, you can still carry out many of the decor ideas that are on your home office wishlist. So, where do you start?


First of all, don't just buy the first desk that catches your eye. Consider office furniture that pulls double-duty and also has drawers for storage. Or, opt for an L-shaped desk to utilize every square inch (if you're handy, you can even build one yourself). And most importantly, maximize the wall behind your desk by including convenient shelving or decorative touches.


Need a little more inspiration? Take a peek at these small-but-mighty corner home office ideas that pack a powerful design punch.

1. Choose multipurpose pieces.

In any workspace, it's important that the office furniture serves a lot more than a single purpose — and that's especially true in a corner office. For instance, Chris and Julia of Chris Loves Julia chose a desk with vertical shelving for this teeny corner setup, resulting in plenty of places to stash supplies and display a few pieces of decor.


2. Utilize a corner desk.

To make the most of every square inch in your corner office, buy an L- or corner-shaped desk to serve as your work surface. Or, follow the lead of Jenna from Jenna Sue Design Co. and save a few pennies by crafting a built-in corner desk from scratch.


3. Take advantage of an awkward nook.

Perhaps you have a corner nook with enough space that it can be transformed into a proper office. In that case, you'll have more than enough room for essentials like a writing desk and floating shelves. We love the custom-made pieces that Kyal & Kara went with for this inviting setup. And if you have a few extra bucks left in your budget, complete the scene with a few eye-catching IKEA accents and visually pleasing finds.


4. Incorporate stylish decorating ideas.

A corner office space doesn't have to be devoid of home decor. Sure, you might be a little limited due to a lack of square footage, but this gives you an opportunity to get really creative. Look at what Erin of Sunny Circle Studio was able to accomplish here: a cohesive and sizeable gallery wall. The adjacent sconce and table lamp provide extra illumination while the asymmetrical desk and leather office chair add a stylish touch.


5. Don’t forget about storage solutions.

Every​ home office design needs storage space, especially the ones that inhabit lonely corners. That's why it's key to purchase a desk with drawers or a filing cabinet and to include nearby solutions as well. For example, Emily Henderson hung a set of wall hooks close by, perfect for hanging bags, sweaters, and blankets.


6. Opt for minimalist visuals.

If you're intending to turn the teeniest corner of your house into a small home office, it's helpful to go with very minimalist pieces. Tucked in next to a bookcase, Mollie of Design Loves Detail picked an acrylic desk, a cool yet simple office chair, and uncomplicated decor to create a look that's anything but overwhelming in this cozy corner. The articulating wall sconce above adds just enough task light when you need a little extra illumination.

7. Install bookshelves.

Since you might not have room for a bookcase, shelving can be a great solution. And the best part is that bookshelves won't take up any precious floor space, and they'll give you an opportunity to show off stylish office supplies and decorative accents. Let Ashley of Little Glass Jar show you how it's done.

8. Keep it simple.

If your corner office feels claustrophobic with an abundance of decor and too much ​stuff —​ something that can be especially true in a small apartment — feel free to edit everything in your workspace, until you get down to the absolute basics. It's an approach that Ruthie of Design Soda embraced here, showcasing only the must-haves, like a wall calendar, a straightforward desk lamp, and a vintage card catalog, which acts as a platform for her computer monitor.

9. Free up floor space with a floating desk.

Keep the floor clear of bulky office furniture by installing a floating L-shaped desk instead of the traditional variety. It will make your petite office feel larger than it is, not to mention it just looks pretty darn cool. Interior designer Kate Manning is giving us a masterclass in how it's done with the help of this cool gray, Scandi-chic setup. Swoon!