14 Small Office Storage Ideas That Will Make You Want to Rearrange Everything

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It's amazing how fast your workspace can go from super clean to oncoming avalanche. And if it's a small home office, you can bet you'll be swimming in pens, sticky notes, and paper clips by midweek. Instead of committing to daily office cleanings, we hunted down the most brilliant storage solutions — from filing cabinets and dividers to bookshelves and cubbies — that will change the entire flow of your home office. This way, you can spring clean once and have an organized space forever. Scroll down to see 14 of our favorite clutter-free storage ideas for your office supplies.


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1. Poppin Charcoal + White Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet, $259

This drawer filing cabinet is made for your workspace. File away all of those papers that are taking up way too much surface area on your desk and use the upper drawers to hold all of your supplies. The neutral white makes this the perfect piece for any home office.

2. Devaise 3-Drawer Mobile Lateral Filing Cabinet, $183.99

Storage space that moves means you're never committed to a fixture in your office. This storage system on wheels is ideal for your books and binders. The built-in shelving is also stable enough for you to put a lamp, printer, or piece of decor on top. You'll wonder why you didn't discover this solution sooner.

3. CB2 Sift 2-Story Gold Story Tower, $89.95

This modern towered bookcase is great for keeping right next to your desk. It can easily house those items that you always reach for and make returning them to a "spot" simple. This sleek design ensures you can create the modern aesthetic you've been looking for with some simple home office shelving.


4. Pottery Barn Mission Modular Collection, $6.99-349

If the word "storage" makes you happily skip to your nearest Container Store, you may need to sit down for this one. This collection is an all-encompassing solution for your office storage and shelving needs. With a rolling cart, some built-in wall shelving, a pegboard, bookcase, hooks, and more ... you can DIY your office into an organization oasis.

5. Bisley 8-Drawer Under-Desk Steel Cabinet, $216

If you need something sleek, versatile, and industrial, these cabinets are for you. Looking like they stepped out of every office scene from every movie, there is a reason why these are consistently the go-to for office storage space. If you are going to use dark colors in your office space, make sure you invest in some great office lighting.

6. VoliMe Design Stackable Desktop Storage, $24

Your office space should be a place that fosters joy and creativity. An easy way to do that is to add some color. This DIY desktop storage idea will clear up your desk and add a pop of brightness to your home decor. Clean space + happy colors = heaven for productivity.


7. Rebrilliant 6-Drawer Rolling Storage Chest, $88.99

This rolling drawer set is sure to spruce up any midcentury modern office or compact living room. Use it for supplies, materials, or snacks, then roll it away to the corner when you need a little more space by your desk. The stunning wood also makes this look like a piece of furniture as opposed to a storage solution.

8. Ebern Designs Aiiden 2-Shelf Storage Cabinet, $101.99

If you tend to collect clutter, this cabinet is about to be your best friend. Put everything that's clogging up your space into this gorgeous, slim fixture. It will blend right into your office, doubles as a bookcase, and even enhances your overall office design. Looking for even more gorgeous workspace solutions? Here is some inspo for you.

9. Sterilite Clearview Small Plastic 5-Drawer Desktop Storage System, $39.99

If your office is really compact, you want to make sure your storage solutions take up as little space as possible. This desktop system is all storage space and no fluff. You can easily see what's inside each drawer and move it to another surface if need be. There's a reason why every serious office always has one of these drawer sets lying around.


10. Iris 6-Drawer Storage Cart, $46.99

Need a lot of storage? Invest in a storage tower. This wheeled design holds all of your office supplies and makes them easy to find with transparent drawers. If you want to take your office space organization to the next level, use some sticky notes to label each drawer.

11. Honey-Can-Do Craft Storage Cart, $72.99

We home office people can learn a lot from our artist peers. Crafting storage kits are the top of the line when it comes to DIYing your space with intuitive compartments, flexibility, and built-in storage space. Even if you're not dabbling in calligraphy, this cart is ideal for office supplies, books, and tech accessories.

12. Urban Outfitters Levy Bookshelf, $79

Boho chic is everywhere, and now it's coming to your home office. This bookcase is an aesthetic way to increase your shelving and arrange all of your decor, books, and plants. Plus, its slim design means it can fit everywhere. Once you fall in love with this eye-catching piece, you'll want to make your whole office a bohemian paradise or use it as a fun piece in your living room.


13. IKEA Skadis Pegboard Combination, $35.99

If you're short on desk storage, turn your attention to your wall space. This bulletin board can hold memories, reminders, photos, and affirmations, making it the ideal small office companion. Plus, you can DIY a mood board on this pegboard to add even more in-office inspiration.

14. 1Thrive Brooke Wall Organizer, $169

If you're sick and tired of papers, binder clips, sticky notes, appointment reminders, and to-do lists covering your desktop, declutter them with this nifty chalkboard wall organizer. It not only features a whiteboard monthly calendar and chalkboard daily planner — that are also magnetic, BTW — but also a corkboard for important invites, hooks for masks and keys, and two metal cups for pens, scissors, and anything else you may want to clear away.


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