13 Design-Forward Office Organization Staples for the Aesthete at Heart

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Office supplies don't typically drum up visions of design-forward style, but these days there are a host of brands attempting to change that. After all, with the amount of time we spend tethered to our desks and chairs, outfitting your area with aesthetically-pleasing versions of utilitarian items can make a major impact. Snoozy pen cups, boring paper clips, and pale yellow stickies, begone! Flip the script on what traditional office organization supplies should look like and embrace a more vibrant approach that'll transform your workstation with effortless flair.


Before you start the search, think about your space, work style, and needs. If your desk is regularly cluttered with papers and pens, you'll want a solution that can combat that. If you're a minimalist at heart, clunky filing cabinets and tabletop storage units probably aren't the best course of action. Survey how you function in your personal workspace and cater to what's missing. Being organized is all about finding a dedicated spot or vessel for each item — once you have that down, you'll have a much more streamlined setup. Here are a few chic and sleek finds that will help you do just that.

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1. Poppin The Centerfold Blush Magazine File Box, $17

File holders can be a saving grace when it comes to office organization supplies — whether for the desktop or a bookcase, especially if you lack the latter altogether. This lacquered unit, available in six vibrant colors, can accommodate everything from magazines to file folders to random stacks of paper.


2. Anthropologie Workspace Supply Set, $12

This minimalist wooden tray is not only fully equipped with rainbow paperclips, binder clips, and stickies, but it lends itself as the perfect office organization starter kit. Take a closer look and you'll notice the high-contrast felt interior, which offers an unexpected yet very chic pop of color.


3. Kartell 3-Tier Componibili, $195

File this under the coolest storage unit we've seen in a while. Kartell's modular Componibili system is the answer to desks without built-in drawers or storage. It features a recessed top and three spacious shelves that can be concealed with sleek, sliding doors.



4. Peg and Awl Maple Desk Caddy, $44 - $70

Trade that desktop mug holding all of your pens and pencils in favor of this solid maple desk caddy, and corral your writing utensils in a design-forward base. Each of the holes varies in size, resulting in a versatile and attractive storage solution.


5. Poketo Accordion Pro Filer, $48

If you're lacking the floor space for a cabinet, this accordion-style filer is the next best thing. Brightly colored pockets make organization a cinch (no more lost receipts or misplaced notes!) and the fact that it can fold down into a travel-friendly booklet designates it a must-have.


6. HAY Shade Bin, $40

Trash bins are as vital to the office organization ecosystem as any — after all, they're key in minimizing the clutter that will inevitably accumulate. This mod version from Copenhagen-based designer Thomas Bentzen features a lid (to hide liners) and faceted detailing that gives utility a whole new meaning.



7. HAY Bits and Bobs Storage Container Sets, $22 - $50

When it comes to office organization supplies, finding a spot for random trinkets and odds and ends can be a huge help. Making it an item you can confidently leave out on a desktop is even better. HAY's cheeky bits and bobs glass containers come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be easily stacked on top of one another.


8. Poketo Brass Clips in Organic Shapes (set of 8), $18

This lustrous take on the classic paperclip is good enough to give the old-school version a run for its money. Available in a set of eight, Poketo's take features four organic shapes that make paper and file organization ​almost​ a fun task.


9. Yamazaki Tosca Desk Organizer, $30

Keep your everyday basics easily in reach with this caddy-inspired organizer from Yamazaki. Its wooden crossbar handle keeps it portable while the interior compartments take smart storage to a new level.


10. HAY Kaleido Tray Sets, $74

Color-coded trays fall under storage and organization ideas we love, especially for an office setting. HAY's geometric spin on the concept will give your tabletop a well-deserved boost of style all the while helping keep clutter to a minimum.

11. Open Spaces Wire Baskets (set of 2), $56 - $82

Baskets are a versatile office organization solution and even better when they're easy on the eyes. Open Spaces' steel wire baskets are functionally sound (they even have a solid base, so nothing's getting lost in there) and are stylish enough to sit comfortably on open shelving or a desktop.

12. Ellepi Bookends (set of 2), $20 - $24

Bookends are the unsung heroes of office organization supplies. More than just a support system for a growing array of titles, tomes, and magazines, they contribute a splash of color with minimalist flair.

13. Branch Wire Organizer, $49

Fighting for legroom with a jumble of cables and cords is never a good look, not to mention all that safe. Cue this clever wire organizer that's meant to combat even the most unruly of bunches.



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