Get to Work With These Home Office Organization Ideas

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Working at home can be a wonderful thing. There's no commute, for one, and no need to change into your work wardrobe every morning. But when it comes to keeping your job area streamlined, it can be a challenge if you have a remote space that's often multipurpose. So home office organization ideas are extremely important. They bring you peace of mind to get the job done and may even add some special decor sauce to your square footage.


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Here are some home office organization tips that will completely revamp your at-home workflow.

1. Face your files.

We love this easy organization trick from IKEA. For this look, instead of hiding files and paperwork away in a cabinet, place them front and center. Installing file holders on a board like this one will keep important documents accessible. And let's be honest, the look is super cool, too.


2. Opt for easy, open shelves.

Choose a wall in a room and install open shelves from floor to ceiling. Textbooks and notebooks can be stored side-by-side, making them simple to grab when needed. Consider a natural wood look for a little midcentury vibe.


3. Mix and match with vintage.

If your budget is tight, or you just want to mix things up a bit in your home office, pick up some vintage pieces to help maintain order. You can find gently used file cabinets or even an old-school storage situation like this one to create an eclectically organized home office.


4. Don't skimp on pegboard.

Hang a pegboard or two on the walls surrounding your desk. And play with the shapes and sizes for a little design statement. Pegboards are perfect for inspirational quotes, mood boards, random materials, or just about anything you need to keep on hand for your professional pursuits.


5. Stack it from floor to ceiling.

If space isn't on your side, make the most of what room you have by installing simple, metal floor-to-ceiling shelving. Then add some bins. They're easy to find at any office supply store and perfect for stashing clutter.


6. Grab a small file cabinet.

If you're stuck with a smaller desk, pick up a similarly-sized file cabinet to keep things streamlined. It'll give you more desktop to do what you need to do.


7. Turn your walls into cork boards.

If you need to keep things visible and accessible, consider making one or all of your home office walls cork. You can pin up anything you need instantly. And if your work requires you to be creative, it's a great way to have inspiration all around you.


8. Add wheels to make things flexible.

If you're adding file cabinets to your home office, consider a set with wheels. That way you can move them wherever they're needed. They'll add a ton of flexibility to your space when homework and grown-up work collide.

9. Use the space below the desk.

Usually, home offices aren't as spacious as we'd like. But that's okay. Small remote areas can be both super stylish and functional. Get the most out of yours by using the space below the desk to the max. Drawers on either side will keep it organized and slick. You can even slide some simple file units under a work table for the same effect.

10. Mount simple shelves.

Keep the clutter off your desk, and hang one or two open shelves right above it. This simple fix will add room for tchotchkes and things that keep your workflow in check.