11 Accessories for a Pretty and Productive At-Home Work Space

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Sitting on the couch with your laptop while you try to get work done — ahem, in front of Netflix — isn't exactly a recipe for productivity. Instead of trying to make your living room occasionally morph into an office, dedicate a spot in your home that's purely devoted to your to-do list. Whether you're decorating an entire space or a few feet, these 11 picks will give you the foundation you need to really get creative. From a gilded file holder and neutral storage boxes, to a stylish wall hanging and a confidence-boosting notebook, here are the accessories you need when your career makes it home.


Yield Design Co. Ceramic French Press

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Keep those creative juices flowing — or take a well-deserved break — by drinking a cup of coffee or two from Yield Design Co.'s French press ( $120 ).


General Store Berliner Mug

You can't have a French press without also having a mug to pour your coffee in, right? Right. When you need a pick-me-up, reach out for this simplistic speckled mug from the General Store ( $38 ).


CB2 Gilded File Holder

It's tough to get work done when your desk is covered in paperwork. This geometric file holder from CB2 ( $19.95 ) will organize your most important correspondence so that you don't need to constantly be on the hunt for a piece of paper.


Smythson Wafer Notebook

Jot down your ideas — while remembering who is calling the shots — with this confident notebook from Barney's New York ( $60 ).


Target Office Supply Fastener Set

Using paper clips never looked so chic. This office supply fastener set from Target ( $13.99 ) will put desk essentials right at your fingertips.


Schoolhouse Electric Black and Gold Hand Stapler

Make sure your paperwork stays nice and orderly with this Schoolhouse Electric stapler ( $48 ). It's so stylish that you'll want to keep it out on your desk for good.


Etsy Macrame Wall Hanging

No one wants an art piece that distracts them from their work. But when you put this MOXmacrame wall hanging ( $205 ) up opposite your desk, you may find yourself glancing away from tasks to admire it.


Container Store Bahama Sand Kiva Storage Bins

Despite what the Kondo trend may preach, the truth is that you're always going to have stuff you want to keep — even if you're not sure when you'll use it next. For all of those miscellaneous knickknacks, there are these storage bins from the Container Store ( starting at $9.99 ).

Yamazaki Wind Trash Can

Unfortunately, you don't always think of the perfect idea on the first try. So when a draft doesn't quite come out right, toss it out in this sky blue trash can from Gilt ( $14 ).

Anthropologie Textured Indira Pillow

Even if you have the most aerodynamic desk chair to sit in, long afternoons spent in it can really take a toll. Get a fashionable boost from this cute fringed pillow by Anthropologie ( starts at $68 ).

Urban Outfitter Gleason Woven Wool Rug

Tie your space together with this understated rug from Urban Outfitters ( starting at $89 ) and you'll be ready to get to work.