How to Give Your Bedroom “Hotel” Vibes

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From editor-tested bedding to the latest in sleep tech, we've got everything you could ever need for better sleep. Welcome to New Year, New Sleep.

There is nothing quite like staying in a clean, crisp, relaxing hotel bedroom, which is an experience many of us have missed during the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, you can easily recreate hotel bedroom vibes in your own home. To find out exactly how, we consulted interior designers for their expert tips and tricks. Your bedroom staycation oasis awaits!

1. Think refreshing, cool wall colors.

"When I think of a hotel, the first word that comes to mind is 'clean' (if you don't think of this, I'll need you to change the hotels you visit IMMEDIATELY lol)," interior designer Justin Q. Williams tells Hunker. "As you create hotel vibes in your home, think of clean colors, clean lines, and clean looks."

Think shades of white like Sherwin-Williams's Pure White, light greens like Farrow & Ball's Pale Powder, and soothing blues like Valspar's Lighthouse Shadows.

2. Focus on comfortable bedding.

One of the best parts about staying in a hotel is, hands down, the bed. That's why you should pay close attention to finding comfortable, chic linens for your bedroom. Williams specifically recommends Macy's Hotel Collection for an affordable hotel look. The 680 Thread Count Bedding Collection ($69.99+) is a great place to start, since it highlights the hotel color palettes we know and love.

London-based interior designer Stephanie Barba Mendoza tells Hunker, "I've been told that cotton thread count is merely a marketing ploy, so instead I go with how good the bedding feels to touch. For laying the bed up, I do like a bottom and a top sheet, which is quite old-fashioned but feels gloriously indulgent." For more information on how to make your bedding look and feel expensive, click here.

3. Keep it clutter-free.

You'll want to keep both the furniture and decor in your bedroom as simple as possible. "Start with your staple pieces: the bed, nightstands or side tables, a dresser, and an accent chair(s)," Williams advises. "From there, add your textiles (pillows, rug, bedding, and drapery) as these are items that will yield a super comfy feel in your space."

Once you have your basics in place, then you'll want to start thinking about storage options that are right for your space and needs — while still keeping things streamlined and simple. Try Floyd's simple side table ($185) or West Elm's Mitzi nightstand ($109.65). You can also adopt storage baskets like these if you're short on space.

4. Control your lighting.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Hotels have adjustable lighting for a reason. When it comes to this aspect of the bedroom, Mendoza says, "Add a blackout blind or curtain for a good night's sleep, but also include a sheer blind or curtain for privacy and so that the light can come in during the day." Brookstone's Blackout Window Curtain Panels ($29.99) are a solid option that comes in soothing colors.

For the lighting itself, Mendoza recommends an adjustable reading wall light like the West Elm Pelle Sconce ($77.40), table lamps like CB2's Allure Table Lamp ($119) for ambience, and a pendant or chandelier like the Crate & Barrel Avery Linen Double Drum Pendant Light ($199) for a soft glow.

5. Keep your bedside tables both fashionable and functional.

"Bedside tables need to be big enough to hold a table lamp as well as your drink, a pile of books, and reading glasses," says Mendoza. "Having one drawer to hide a few necessities is always a plus, too!" Try Urban Outfitters's Huxley Nightstand ($179).

As an added touch, Mendoza likes to place a small tray for a carafe of water and a water glass on her bedside tables. The Holler Designs Coffee Tray ($30) and Hawkins New York Chroma Glassware Collection ($10+) are perfect for just that.

6. If you want a TV, find one that complements your space.

While TVs aren't the best for a distraction-free, sleep-friendly space, hotels do tend to have them as amenities. With this in mind, Williams prefers the sleek televisions that Samsung has to offer — like the Frame TV ($599.99+), which looks like a piece of wall art when it's not playing your favorite shows.

As for where to put your TV, Mendoza suggests placing it on a dresser or chest of drawers to keep the space as homey as possible.

7. If you can, carve out a cozy seating area.

If you have the space, Mendoza advocates for a seating area à la hotel suites. "I favor skirted slipper chairs," she says. "Pair this with a low table and it creates a cozy space to sit back with a book or enjoy a morning coffee away from the rest of the household."

A great example of a skirted slipper chair is the Burke Decor Skirted Parsons Jefferson Linen Chair ($144.50). You can also scour local vintage stores for more unique, personal options.

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