The Search Is Over: These Are the 70 Best Holiday Gifts Under $25

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

The best gifts don't have to cost the most money. Whether you're looking for a crowd-pleasing present for your office's annual white elephant exchange or one that family and friends will love that doesn't push you over your budget, there are a number of impressive, low-priced items to gift this holiday season. From kitchen must-haves to the most epic board games, we found the 70 best gifts under $25 for everyone (and every party) in your life.


Enamelware is having a moment this year, and we're loving this blue and white color pairing.


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We are always here for a Le Labo Santal 33 dupe.


A simple, but cool, apron that comes in five different shades.


A paring knife is one of the most important kitchen tools every good chef needs. These come in fun colors so their cooking game can feel extra personal.


A funky tea towel to jazz up the kitchen is always a good idea.



This astrology book is plenty fun to go through with family members — it outlines how your zodiac sign relates to others in your life.


A nice bottle of gin might not be in the budget this year, so why not take a more unique approach with this gin-infused ketchup? Their favorite drink might just become their favorite condiment.


And while on the topic of condiments, we can't forget hot sauce, because we all have that friend who adds a touch of heat to any meal.


There's no need to use a towel to grab hot dishes from the oven when these stylish oven mitts exist. This year, add a pop of color to your loved one's kitchen.



The queen is back. In her latest cookbook, ‌‌Go-To Dinners‌‌, Ina shares her strategies and recipes for making her easiest and most popular dinners so everyone can fall in love with home cooking all over again. How easy is that?

Personalized leather goods will be cherished forever.

Surprise the foodie in your life with Oishii's latest launch, the Omakase berry butter. Although it sold out pretty quickly after launch, you can sign up for restock alerts so you can jump on it before it sells out again.

Stanley cups took 2022 by storm, and their reign has only just begun.


If pen to paper is up their alley, try these extra-durable notebooks.

Puzzles have never looked sleeker.

Get the Momofuku flavor at home. Anything David Chang does is guaranteed to taste phenomenal and hit peak coolness.

This Tiktok-viral kitchen accessory is certain to warm anyone's heart.


For the host with the most, these stunning candlestick holders will be the center of attention on any tabletop.

Good for up to 20 people, Herd Mentality is a social deduction game, where players receive opinion-based questions and have to strategically guess the most common answer amongst the group. Your loved one will want to break it out at the holiday party.

This fast-moving wordplay game is kind of like Scrabble but in a speeding car.

Find a sweet surprise at the end of every sip.

One player draws a card, on which there are prompts like "superhero," "power tool," "astronaut," or "hair product." If the card matches one in another player's hand, they must face off to be the first to name an example (i.e. "Superman," "chainsaw," "Buzz Aldrin," etc.).

Loved ones can consider standard lemon juicers a thing of the past thanks to this adorable alternative.

Yes, it's a millennial-ized version of Lotería. It might not be a fit for the older generations, but your cousins will definitely be down.

Chip and Jo came up with this wood domino set that feels completely homespun.

Oh, so you think you know the '90s? Time to prove it. From fashion to movies, quiz each other with over 400 pop culture questions. And there's a complimentary game soundtrack on Spotify to really get you in the mood.

The only thing better than cloudlike slippers are slippers that are under $25.

A game of spymasters and hidden identities! It's a bit complicated but was enthusiastically voted for by a handful of Hunker editors.

Mix and match or get a full set of playful checkered tile coasters.

Cheese lovers will swoon over this satisfyingly specific tea towel that includes the origins and characteristics of 49 varieties.

If there's anything better than gifting a bottle of wine, it's gifting a bottle of wine decked out with a little Christmas sweater.

Gifting someone a sponge has never been so endearing.

For the friend who loves a TikTok DIY, this renter-friendly sconce hack would make a solid gift.

This cheat sheet will help any aspiring chef learn their way around an air fryer.

This stack contains five strategy games that only require the addition of a pen or pencil.

Showers will be way more luxurious with this shower head complete with a water filtration system and three shower modes.

Make their WFH desk cozier with a mouse pad that looks like a mini vintage rug.

And clean up that WFH desk with this mini vacuum cleaner.

Test your family's knowledge of famous women with this multiple-choice card game, which can be played casually while prepping food or wrapping gifts.

Nobody ‌needs‌ ceramic egg holders ‌per se‌, but they sure make the fridge aesthetic more pleasing.

Everything is better with butter.

Looking for a way to just sit around and talk? That's half the fun of jigsaw puzzles. This cool Gray Malin puzzle doubles your fun: It's two-sided, so you can do side A on Christmas Eve and side B Christmas morning.

For your coziness-obsessed friends and family.

You've seen Subtle Art Studios' trendy tile coasters, but did you know they also have equally adorable incense holders?

We will support any purchase that makes doing dishes more enjoyable. This convenient rack and mat duo comes in four trendy colors: charcoal, linen, denim, and latte.

Elevate your coffee on the go with packets of specialty instant coffee.

Here's the perfect pick if they like appreciating nature ... from indoors. Choose from six packs of three memo pads, each with cover art depicting a different U.S. national park. They're as good-looking and unique as they are practical.

If cottagecore and retro design sound like a match made in heaven, these mushroom disco balls make the perfect gift.

Keep your favorite sunglasses safe and sound with a cushioned case.

Add a cottagecore touch to any plant with these fun watering globes.

Plant parents will adore these adorable planter mugs.

With this sleek and portable power bank, you'll never again have to worry about your phone dying on the go.

Keep your dog bundled up during cold winter walks with an adorable checkered fleece jacket from Target. It also comes in a green and white checkered print.

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this recipe book can also double as a piece of decor for their coffee table.

These cowboy match sets are sure to strike up a conversation.

Made from eco-friendly materials, this stunning tray will elevate any entryway, bathroom vanity, or bedside table.

People swear by Swedish dishcloths as the best alternative to single-use paper towels. Each one holds up to 20 times its weight in liquid and lasts four to six months, and at the end of its life, it can be composted since it's 100% biodegradable.

You might not be able to track down a bottle of legendary Pappy Van Winkle, but you can still give them a taste of the good stuff with this Louisville, Kentucky-roasted coffee aged in old Pappy barrels.

True candle lovers know the importance of candle maintenance, so gifting this candle accessory set is a no-brainer.

Make daily showers feel like a spa with the Parachute x Osea mini shower set. It has an energizing scent for the morning and a relaxing scent for your evening bath — plus, they're travel-friendly.

Give tea towels a dainty touch with little embroidered flowers.

These handmade felt balls are probably the most stylish cat toy of all time.

For the person who loves a good thrift find (and happens to love candles).

Capri Blue has blessed us with the iconic Volcano candle scent in multi-surface cleaner form.

Plant with a purpose with a collection of seedlings made to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

The woman-owned candle brand Wax Buffalo is one of our favorite spots to buy fragrances. Each candle is made from clean-burning, 100% soy wax.

Radiate good vibes with these color gradient aura coasters.

If they love testing new ingredients, gift them a variety pack of baking spices.

Shopping for a candle-loving foodie? Urban's baking candles are inspired by kitchen scents, including golden milk tea, baked pears, and fresh bread.

If they like to switch up their home fragrances, try these incense sticks from West Elm.



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