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So you're thinking about renovating the garage? Well, congratulations, you've come to the right place. From dreamy carport makeovers to laundry rooms and craftsman style doors, we've covered just about every detail of creating the perfect lock-up, whether it's home to your car or your family. In fact, perhaps it's time to leave your vehicles in the driveway and turn your additional square footage into storage or an additional play area. Want to know how to make the space work for you? Here's everything you need to know about garage ideas and extreme transformations.

Garage Design and Styles

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Have you considered what you want to use your garage for? It can function as a multitude of things — a bedroom, office, mudroom, or game room, to name a few. If you're feeling really wild, you could even turn the detached zone into a lounge. These garage bar ideas should help quench your thirst for a cocktail zone. Of course, we think any type of garage makeover is both fun and inspiring, but you'll need to make sure the area complements the rest of your interior design style, too. Take this converted 1913 space as the ultimate inspiration. It has a breezy, California cool feel, but you can also consider styles like modern or farmhouse.


As carports tend to be windowless for the most part (unless you're doing a full reno), you'll want to keep the zone as light and airy as possible, adding in soft furnishings and textural touches to help things feel cozier. And if you have a detached garage, you can experiment even more. The space can function as a completely separate retreat for relaxation or even be converted into an income property or apartment.

Garage Furniture and Decor

As garages can often be very bland with little character or unique features, it's important to add warmth and texture with your furniture. Cozy jute or wool rugs, throw blankets, and plants will help bring the space to life, but we also recommed adding art if you can. A few unfussy prints or tapestries can work wonders even if your staple pieces (like the sofa and accent chairs) are on the simpler side.

Garage Storage and Organization

While your garage can certainly act as another room in your home if you renovate it properly, let's be honest — it tends to be a place where we store tools, bikes, and anything else a little less used. At Hunker HQ, we're all for combining garage storage systems with sleek design! Check out these carport organization tips and tricks so that your garage will feel like a zen zone and not a spot for clutter. Our DIY copper pipe tool organizer is also perfect for keeping things in order. And if you just want a simple fix, these wall shelving ideas are for you.

Garage Doors

Ever considered what your dream garage door might look like? We think you should! Carports tend to be at the front of the home. So if you're looking for serious curb appeal, you might want to give it a little more thought. A simple lick of paint could do the trick (check out our garage door color ideas for further inspo), but you'll also want to consider how the tone matches the exterior style of your home.


From midcentury garage door ideas to simple black designs, there's a range of approaches. Just don't forget — it's important to maintain the door, too. This guide to garage door maintenance will help you keep things in good condition.

Garage Paint Colors

Even we don't believe some of the garage transformations we've seen over the years, but the results really are testaments to how you can turn a drab storage space into a fully functioning room with color. From painting your garage exterior in a vibrant hue to finding the perfect shade of white for the interior, go wild with experimentation.

This is even more important if you're ready to take a decor risk. Look at the latest paint trends and experiment! Your garage door, for example, can handle vibrant hues (think: blues, yellows, and reds) or muted tones (think: whites and grays).

Small Garage Ideas

Don't fret if you have a small garage space either, it can still be incredibly functional. The main thing to keep in mind is functionality. Look for pieces that can work double-duty. A storage bench that serves as seating in your craft area would work great. And we also like islands that function as desks (if you're WFH) and a spot for meals.

Garage Lighting Ideas

Garage lighting can often feel like an afterthought when it comes to the exterior of your home, but this should be one of your top priorities if you have safety and security in mind. Plus, the right sconce or pendant will boost the overall appeal of your home at night, too. These exterior light ideas are practical ​and​ pretty — perfect for both integrated garages and detached ones. Looking for interior garage lighting tips, instead? As with any room, it's important to layer the glow with overhead, task, and decorative fixtures to create a room that's cozy and welcoming.


Looking for more home exterior ideas? Check out this guide as well!

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