10 Home Exterior Transformations That Prove Any Fixer Is LITERALLY a Blank Canvas

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Most folks looking to buy a home will steer clear of fixer-uppers. Yes, they require lots of time and work, and there's plenty of stress in renovating a home. But, going the fixer route can be a smart move: Depending on the home's condition, you can score a property for dirt cheap and instantly increase its value by giving it a makeover. If you're having a hard time envisioning just how great a dumpy, run-down listing can be, these before/after exterior renovations are real proof that a home is literally just a canvas.


1. Australia-based Three Birds Renovations has a knack for taking extra sad properties and transforming them into design mag-worthy spots. By adding white cladding, a bay window, and a portico to this nondescript bungalow, it's converted into a beautiful home with Cape Cod charm:

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2. If your budget is minimal, sometimes paint and a bit of basic landscaping is all you need to add instant curb appeal:

3. Click through to see the "before" on this craftsman home — it was seriously just a concrete shell:

4. An alternative to completely landscaping a backyard? Adding decking to turn it into a neat outdoor living room:

5. Again, sometimes all you need for an exterior facelift is a coat of paint. Adding a new door in a fun hue will also give your home charisma:


6. We literally cannot believe this is the same property. When in doubt, it seems like either going all-white or all-black in color theme can work wonders. As can adding French doors and decking:

7. This Charleston, South Carolina home clearly had great bones. Some white paint and new shutters make it a standout on the block:


8. Seems like painting brick houses white is a favored technique of flippers these days. Click through to see how a character-less bungalow was turned into something special after some paint and expanded windows:

9. White paint at it again for the win. Throw in a new portico with natural wood details and you've got a recipe for a shockingly good transformation:

10. With the addition of a second story above the garage, a porch, and new pitched roof, you go from lackluster to HGTV-worthy farmhouse vibes:



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