8 Inspiring Garage Makeovers From Instagram

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It comes as no surprise that people are using this time to blow through their "rainy day" home projects like no one's business. As the New York Times points out, folks are transforming their garages into all sorts of auxiliary spaces. Of course, we think any type of garage makeover (whether you're changing the function of the room or not) is plenty inspiring. Here are some recent transformations we spotted on Instagram that we're definitely saving for future project inspo:


1. As this Instagrammer proves, you don't have to actually re-do the entire garage — just an organized corner will do. In fact, simply painting a door can work wonders for adding character to your garage.

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2. Using a coordinating palette (in this case black and white) is a great way to create a garage entryway that actually puts you in a great mood before entering your home.

3. Instagrammer @secondhandhome314 went so far as to transform their garage into a second living room, cheekily referring to it as the "Covid Cabin."

4. Less is more: Just a bit of paint on the stairs and a welcoming plant is enough to turn a garage entryway into a design moment.


5. Perfect for summer: This newly converted open-air living room would also make a great WFH office.

6. According to Instagrammer @ourclassichouse, this was once a single-car garage, which is hard to believe — it totally looks like it was always a sleek mudroom.


7. For many, the garage is also the laundry room, which can make doing a load twice as depressing ... unless, like designer Anita Yakota, you turn it into an instagrammable moment.

8. While it might be tough to achieve the precision of this tidy look (not sure about you, but none of our household tools match at all), it's definitely #goals.



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