Hunker House Builds: Our Dream Laundry Room

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Image Credit: Hunker Creative

For some, "dream laundry room" may sound like an oxymoron, but we believe that design and function should always be intertwined. And while "dream kitchen" or "dream living room" might have more results on Pinterest, there's something satisfying about turning a room that's usually just for chores into a place you actually enjoy spending time.


That was the hope when we decided to totally transform an underused nook at the Hunker House into a beautiful-yet-compact laundry room as the first of many Hunker House Builds projects.

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Step one: Sketching out the room, complete with plenty of usable space and open shelving — no more time wasted searching for dryer balls. Next, our team went to work installing. For the wood, we chose a milled white maple for a clean, modern look. Then, the main event: Adding an easy-to-install Miele W1 Washer and T1 Dryer duo.


The ease doesn't stop at installment, though. The new, sophisticated, cleaning-and-drying powerhouses feature TwinDos — a liquid automatic dispensing detergent system that does the work for you — as well as fast-cleaning speeds, sleek and intuitive buttons, and enhanced program options.

And while the calming vibes of this laundry oasis would make anyone excited to wash and fold all day long, Miele's wifi capabilities mean you don't have to.

To see the rest of the dreamy laundry room makeover, watch the video below.



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