Aren't You so Excited to See These Laundry Room Storage Ideas?

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Well, folks, the editors here at Hunker have cracked the code to actually keeping up with our seemingly bottomless laundry.


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Are you listening? Here it is: Find a way to enjoy being in your laundry room.

Hear me out. You know how a great new pair of running shoes somehow makes us (well, some of us) excited to finally hop on the treadmill? Not only do we want to take our new shoes for a test run (no pun intended), we also feel the joy of how much easier this former dread-worthy task can be when we're armed with the right equipment.


Laundry is our treadmill, if you will. And you need your laundry room to be well organized, well stocked, and easy to navigate. Fear not, friends. We've rounded up seven laundry room storage ideas to fit all budgets and square footage.

1. Add Countertops with Portable Storage

Even if you're working with a tiny room (or merely a closet), adding a butcher block top to front-loading machines, like this laundry room by Studio McGee, offers extra space for sorting and portable storage. Use baskets, trays, and glass jars for detergent and supplies to keep the countertops clear for folding.


2. Use Storage Furniture with Laundry Baskets

This laundry room storage idea from Young House Love is perfect to recreate if you don't have the budget or space for elaborate built-ins. Simply add as many woven laundry baskets as needed to keep the shelves tidy and organized.


3. Splurge on Built-In Cabinets

If you're able to create custom cabinets in your laundry room (first of all, can we come over?), then do yourself a favor and take note of this traditional laundry room by Studio McGee. To recreate, use a mix of upper and lower cabinets surrounding a utility sink to supply ample closed storage. Add built-in open shelving with wicker baskets to keep frequently used items within even easier access.


4. DIY an Over-the-Door Drying Rack

It doesn't get much more genius than this laundry room storage idea by Brittany Goldwyn. Make the most of vertical space by following the plans for Brittany's DIY sweater drying station, which works perfectly for closets or extra compact laundry rooms. Excuse us while we immediately roll up our sleeves and get to work here.


5. Use Labeled Laundry Baskets

Bring this laundry room storage idea by Emily Henderson into your own home with assigned, rolling laundry baskets for each member of your family. The assigned bins allow quick, accessible storage the moment the clothes are out of the dryer until they're ready to be folded and put away. You know what this means — no more clean laundry on the floor or "temporarily" resting on furniture!


6. Utilize Wall Space

Utilize empty wall space with garment racks, open shelving, and peg boards, like this laundry room designed by Maddy Evennet. Include varied basket sizes on the shelving for unpaired socks, detergents, clothes pins, and other relevant items.


7. Hack an IKEA Wardrobe

Follow in Jessica Welling's footsteps with a hacked IKEA wardrobe that provides ample organized storage space without a major price tag or tons of space. Add chalkboard labels to the front of the mesh drawers to keep all items sorted and in their place from start to finish.


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