Frigidaire Dryer E68 Error

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Frigidaire dryers are available for purchase in many department, home retail and appliance stores, as well as online, and they come with a wide range of options, such as specialty cycles for different fabrics and specific items, wrinkle release, sanitize cycle, energy saving option and pre-set cycle buttons. Most dryers have an electronic control panel that will display error codes if a problem occurs. Troubleshooting the error code "E68" may take a few steps.



The first thing to do when an error code appears on the Frigidaire dryer is to reset the unit. Press "Pause/Cancel" twice to cancel the current operation. Make a new dryer cycle selection and press and hold "Start." If the E68 error code comes back, press "Pause/Cancel" twice again. Turn off the dryer and unplug from power. Wait several minutes and restore power again.


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Stuck Keypad

The error E68 may appear when a keypad on the control panel is stuck in place. This may be resolved by using a clean, slightly damp cloth to clean the keypad -- turn off and unplug the washing machine first. Wipe dry with another towel and then restore power to the unit.



If cleaning the keypad does not work, the entire control panel keypad may need to be replaced. Turn off and disconnect power to the dryer. Restore power after several minutes. If the error code returns, turn the dryer off again and contact a service professional for assistance.


Professional Assistance

If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the problem, contact Frigidaire or another service professional for assistance. Check the paperwork that was supplied with the dryer to see if the unit is still under warranty.



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