How to Access Error Codes on GE Washers

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General Electric (GE) washers generate error codes when malfunctions are detected by the machine's on-board circuitry. These error codes can be used to troubleshoot washer operation and can help pinpoint failed components. GE washers will save the last 10 error codes to be used for service diagnostics. You can retrieve these codes by accessing the machine's Test Mode. Test Mode is initiated by pressing a sequence of buttons on the washer's control panel.


Step 1

Press the "Power" button on your GE washer. Any current cycles on the control panel will be cleared. The control panel display must be blank to proceed.

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Step 2

Unplug the power cord for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3

Plug the power cord back in to the GE washer. Within 30 seconds of restoring power to the washing machine, press the "Signal" button, press the "Delay Start" button, press the "Signal" button, the press "Delay Start" button again. The washer door will lock, and the control panel will display "t01" when it has successfully entered Test Mode.


Step 4

Press "Delay Start" to advance to "t02". The control panel will display the most recent error code. Press "Start/Pause" to cycle through previous error codes. "E00" displayed in the control panel means there are no saved error codes.

Step 5

Press and hold "Start/Pause" to clear the saved error codes after viewing them.


Step 6

Press "Power" to return to "t02."

Step 7

Press "Signal," press "Delay Start," press "Signal," and press "Delay Start" to exit the test mode of your GE washer.



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