Do Maytag Dryers Have Reset Buttons?

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Maytag dryers boast several features, including a high performance motor, reduced vibration, moisture sensors, wrinkle-prevention option, variable dry for different items and fabrics, and different temperature settings. One thing that Maytag dryers do not have, however, is a reset button. It is possible to reset the dryer through a few steps.

Fuse or Circuit Breaker

Dryers use two household circuit breakers or fuses in order to operate fully. If the dryer is not operating as expected or is not working at all, the dryer can be reset by replacing or resetting the fuse or circuit breaker(s) as needed.


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Error Code

The Maytag dryer might display an error code if a problem has arisen with the dryer. Examples of error codes for Maytag dryers include "AF," "PF" or "F" with a number. To reset the dryer if an error code occurs, press "Power/Cancel" twice and then reselect a cycle and press "Start."


Reset Cycle Selection

If the dryer needs to be reset simply because the cycle needs to be changed, stopped or altered, press "Power/Cancel" once to cancel the current cycle. Select the new desired cycle, followed by any modifiers and cycle options. Then press "Start/Pause" to begin the new cycle.


Full Reset

It is not uncommon to need to reset a dryer after an error code has been resolved or if the dryer shut down to prevent a thermal overload. Disconnect the power to the Maytag dryer and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, restore power and make a new selection. If the problem persists or the dryer will not operate, disconnect power once again and call Maytag for service.



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