How to Reset a Kenmore 3.5 Capacity Washer

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Check your fuses before you unplug the washer to make sure a blown fuse is not the problem.

The Sears Kenmore 3.5 capacity clothes washer is a front loading appliance with 12 presets that's large enough to wash a king-size bedspread. It was released in 2007 and is Energy Star compliant, using 60 percent less energy and 69 percent less water than other washer-dryer combinations. Occasionally it needs to be reset.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug the machine. Plug the washer back in and wait for the control panel to light up. This resets the washer back to the original factory settings.

Step 2

Unlock the control panel by simultaneously pushing and holding down the Options and Select button for 10 seconds if you see a lock icon on the control display.

Step 3

Push whichever new options you need, and wait for the control panel to flash and reset the washer's options.


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