Dreaming of a Farmhouse Garage Door? These 8 Ideas Will Help You Nail the Look

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If you're a farmhouse enthusiast, there's no doubt that you've perfected your interiors with the ideal shade of white on the walls, tons of flea market finds, and a cozy feel that would make Joanna Gaines want to settle right in. But what about the exterior? It could use some love, too — specifically, in the form of farmhouse garage doors.


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Luckily it's easy to get started: Just look to neutral hues and barn-inspired visuals, and then throw in a few delightful little details by way of lighting and landscaping. Here are eight farmhouse garage door ideas to help you nail that country look we all love and adore.

1. Keep it classic with black and white.

If you're aiming for a modern country look for your exterior, consider farmhouse garage doors in black. They'll juxtapose quite nicely with white siding, which is seen through this home belonging to Brooke and Henry of Plank and Pillow.


2. Or, opt for a warm wood finish.

Rough-hewn, vintage-inspired wood is a staple of farmhouse design, and a garage door is no exception. Pick a timeless light wood finish like the one Fabric Architecture chose for this home exterior, featured on The Design Files.


3. Don’t forget about greenery.

Greenery is another farmhouse mainstay that you'll often see when looking through garage door ideas. Once you've chosen your door style — perhaps something in black flaunting a chevron pattern — punctuate it with a grassy driveway, climbing plants, and planters à la this home by Molly Wood Garden Design.


4. Consider patterned doors.

Bucolic designs are all about subtle style. Here, Shauna of The House of Silver Lining went with an eye-pleasing circular pattern for her farmhouse garage doors that punches them up just enough. The dramatic black hue doesn't hurt either.


5. Remember, little details matter.

Once you have your farmhouse garage doors (like the pretty light blue pair belonging to Cami of Tidbits), you should outfit them in additional details to really drive the look home. Think barn-style light fixtures, planters filled with greenery, and outdoor wall sconces.


6. Draw inspiration from a barn.

One way to instantly transform your home into a modern farmhouse is with the help of barn-style garage doors. For example, Ally of Our White Farmhouse chose white carriage doors with a crossbuck design for her garage, and the result is simply timeless.


7. Stick with neutrals.

Farmhouse design and neutral colors will always go hand in hand, and you can apply this idea to your garage door, too. Gravitate toward whites, creams, beiges, and blacks for a pastoral look that won't go out of style anytime soon. That's what Sherry of Design Indulgence did when it came to her farmhouse garage door, and the result is perfection.


8. Add a pergola.

Did you know that you can add a small pergola above your garage door? It's just the thing to give your driveway some distinction, and you can always grow climbing plants to make it look even more charming. To continue with a farmhouse look, follow the lead of this home by Su Casa Design, and opt for a well-loved wood finish that just happens to pair flawlessly with a white exterior.