8 Black Home Exteriors That Will Convince You to Cross Over to the Dark Side

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Real talk: The mention of a black home exterior is likely to raise some eyebrows. We know, we know — it sounds like a bold move. In fact, the first image you might conjure up when thinking of a black exterior is a super sleek, modern home that's mainly reserved for magazine shoots instead of real life. But, as it turns out, that couldn't be farther from the truth!


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So we decided to do some internet sleuthing, and to our delight, found eight black home exteriors that prove the look is just like that LBD in your closet — ideally suited for any style and occasion. Whether super sleek and modern is your preferred style, or you'd prefer a quirky craftsman or a more traditional look, we're confident that after perusing a little inspo, you'll be off to purchase some ebony paint to transform your home's exterior.


1. Complement with natural wood details.

Natural wood is a foolproof pairing with black. Here, Elyse McCurdy adds the soft, organic material to the matte black exterior, keeping the overall look feeling warm and welcoming, while still maintaining a predominately modern vibe.


2. Create distinction for a row house.

What better way to stand out from the crowd in a block of historic row houses than with an all-black exterior? Opting for a high contrast color amid a sea of lighter hues creates a strong focal point, and makes the traditional architecture feel sleek and modern.


3. Mix and match materials.

This black home exterior by Muskoka Living presents a mix of materials, from painted black garage doors to stained cladding, copper wall sconces, and brick chimneys. The variation in texture adds interest and depth, making it a perfect choice when you want to infuse your exterior with character and charm.


4. Make a craftsman feel new again.

While the architecture of this home exterior leans craftsman, the black shiplap paired with white trim leaves it feeling more contemporary. To recreate this look by Victoria from SF Girl by Bay, pair black siding with white window and door trim for plenty of contrast.


5. Make ornate details monochromatic.

While we love the historic details on this home exterior, we especially love the choice to keep them all monochromatic, creating a quieter, less distracting presence. To top it off, other accents are kept simple: No exterior house numbers or statement sconces to see here!


6. Opt for a beach house vibe with black shingles.

Black probably isn't the first color that comes to mind when you think "beach house," but this cedar-shingle exterior proves that's a major oversight. Pair ebony cedar-shingles with chunky white trim and Adirondack chairs on the front porch to give off summer vibes all year around.


7. Complement with steel-framed windows.

Steel-framed windows instantly set a luxe tone, and pairing them with a black exterior only amplifies that. To recreate the look of this abode by Rob Diaz Design, opt for paneling in matte black — which mimics the look and feel of steel — for a seamless finish.

8. Soften with greenery.

If you've opted for "all black everything" when it comes to your home exterior, but still want an organic, natural vibe to come through, add an abundance of simple greenery to your landscaping. The lush plant life will effortlessly soften the stark color, as proven by this sophisticated residence from Eric Olsen Design.