How to Make Your Exterior Window Trim Feel Like Less of an Afterthought

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The exterior of your house is like the wrapping paper of a present — the good stuff impresses, right? From the perfect color masonry to the porch and front door style, there's a lot to consider. But we're focusing on an area that doesn't always get as much of the attention: the exterior window trim.


While windows are of course important, the panes can completely change their look. A window trim helps to frame the aperture, giving it definition as well as style.

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So here are seven exterior window trim ideas that will help you create some curb appeal.

1. Take a simple approach.

Your windows don't have to stand out from the crowd. A simple approach can make your house look clean, fresh, and streamlined. Take the white exterior window trim on this traditional home — it blends seamlessly with the white cladding and porch swing.


2. Create depth.

To create depth and dimension in your exterior, paint your window trim a rich shade that matches the masonry. This sleek dark gray home shows just how much of an impact the coordinating colors can make. If you're afraid things will get too moody, go for a light porch like Bria Hammel Interiors did, and make sure the front yard is vibrant and green


3. Keep it natural.

A natural wood window trim will help to give your home a more rustic or bohemian aesthetic, and it works especially well with a matching wooden exterior. This cabin designed by Skalso Architects features natural panes that blend in seamlessly without detracting from the beautiful landscape around the home.



4. Layer up.

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You don't need to conform to a standard exterior window trim for your home. Think outside the box! This dark gray house plays with white and natural wood tones to create subtle frames around the windows. But you could even go with brighter hues for extra impact or coordinate them with the front door color.


5. Add in extra detail.

Want to create the illusion of bigger windows on your exterior? This modern country home used gray trim and shutters to frame the windows and add extra width. The clever trick also creates dimension, making the upper casements feel a little more special (though it's hard to compete with that dreamy outdoor living space).


6. Turn to the colorful side.

Let's face it. We all love seeing a colorful home, so why not make yours the one that everyone gasps at when they pass by? A vibrant window trim will bring a little bit of joy to your day, and it can make your exterior wow-worthy for a minimal cost. This home by Nest Architects features a deep forest window trim that works perfectly with the mint green bricks.


7. Go for a bright blue color combo.

This home from 2Form Architecture is a stunner. It's modern and a little minimal, but that vibrant blue color adds the perfect amount of liveliness. If you're ready to really lean into the bold shade, give your exterior window trim a few coats of the azure hue, too.



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