8 Sage Color Ideas to Give Your Home a Subtle Dose of Greenery

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Close your eyes and picture the most soothing color you can imagine. Is it sky blue? Wispy white? Soft lavender? Currently, there is one peaceful hue in particular that's garnered our attention, and that's the color sage. Inspired by the garden herb, this muted shade of green is equally tranquil when it's woven throughout the spaces in a home.


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If you're searching for color ideas that will bring calm to your life, consider sage for pretty much any room in the house, from your bathroom to your bedroom and even your front door. Whether you decide to use paint, tile, or wallpaper to give your humble abode a subtle jolt of greenery, we have eight sage color ideas that will instantly inspire you.


1. Embrace color blocking.

When pondering an accent for your bedroom, we highly recommend painting three-quarters of the wall with the color sage, resulting in a modern and visually-interesting effect. For example, in this guest room belonging to Alex of AVE Styles, sage and white create a perfectly quiet combo that blends well with the other colors used throughout.


Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Retreat

2. Let your bathroom in on the fun.

Soothing hues are so good in bathrooms — they are self-care headquarters, after all. As you sift through color ideas, consider including sage in the mix. When matched with patterned tile and thoughtful decor, as seen in this tranquil design styled by Casey of The DIY Playbook, the muted shade is flawless.


Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage

3. Pair it with neutrals.

Sage is basically a neutral, but we think it really shines when paired with extra-quiet palettes made up of creams, whites, and browns. It's an understated, yet beautiful, choice for this study belonging to Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest.


Get the look: Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth

4. Give classic subway tile a colorful twist.

We agree — you can't go wrong with white subway tile. But to push the envelope a bit, we urge you to consider a sage color tile instead. It has this ability to suddenly make a bathroom seem oh-so-modern, as witnessed in this serene sanctuary designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Mandy Moore.


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5. Paint a mural.

Murals are typically awash in bright colors, but what about something on the softer side? Mandi of Vintage Revivals has proven that sage can be downright dreamy when used for a wall mural, an approach that looks especially contemporary when it features a modern, abstract design.


Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Softened Green

6. Provide a subtle pop.

So, there's no rule that says you have to paint a room top-to-bottom in the color sage. In fact, we enjoy just a little dash of it here and there, too. Take, for instance, this kitchen belonging to Claire of Claire Brody Designs. A splash of sage is the just the thing this little alcove above the sink needed amid white cabinets and a white tile backsplash.


Get the look: Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green

7. Forget the paint cans and opt for wallpaper instead.

You don't have to use a can of sage-colored paint to capture the look. Wallpaper is a fab option, too, especially when it showcases a nature-inspired design that represents the earthiness of the shade. Emily Henderson chose a tree-lined mural for this blush and green nursery, and the result is positively dreamy.

Get the look: Rebel Walls Bellewood, $5.50 per square foot

8. Breathe new life into a door (or two).

There are tons of color ideas that we're loving for doors these days — black, pink, and yellow, to name a few — but we're also enamored with the look of sage on a door. If you're drawn toward delicate hues, follow the lead of Becky from Daly Digs and opt for this muted shade of green.

Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage