5 Instagrams That Prove Blue Is the Most Versatile Shade for Kitchens

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In kitchens, blue almost works like a neutral. The shade flatters fixtures and furnishings alike, and looks particularly striking in its full spectrum on cabinetry. Need proof? These five Instagrams make the case! From a grayish-blue that pairs well with Carrera marble, to a rich indigo that pops against stainless steel, these kitchens prove that blue paint is as versatile as blue jeans. Whether you're looking to completely overhaul your kitchen, or if you're simply seeking a small upgrade, blue details are a trendy and sophisticated way to make a change.

Make Navy and Marble a Lasting Duo

A slate blue brings out the gray detail in marble, creating a calm pairing that works well in kitchens.

Use Subway Tiles to Complement a Darker Shade

Pristine subway tiles foil dark navy in the best way. Not only does the white seem brighter, but the navy appears richer.

Opt for a Blue Island

Who wouldn't want an "accent" island? No one, that's who.

Use Navy as the Unifying Shade

There's an urban-meets-rustic mashup going on in this kitchen, but it works brilliantly. Why? Navy ties it all together.

Make Blue the Only Color in the Room

Give a plot twist to minimalism by making blue the sole shade in your kitchen. Make sure the cabinetry matches throughout the space for a cool, unified look.

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