Traditional Home Exterior Ideas That You'll Want to Recreate

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Traditional houses can have a variety of features, but when you boil it down, they're all simple and beautiful. The opposite of the harsh lines and extreme shapes that define modern dwellings, traditional home exteriors feel exactly that — traditional.


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They're all about inviting facades, warm colors, and precise landscaping that makes you want to roll around in the grass before going inside for dinner with the family. Call it traditional or call it classic. Whatever the case, these homes are made to be enjoyed.

If you're looking for traditional home exterior ideas — whether that means finding the perfect porch accessories or decking out the front door — we have eight suggestions ahead.


1. Add potted plants.

The front door is an important aspect of traditional home exterior design. It demands the utmost attention, and potted plants will make a great accent there. Larger pots will work best, but consider the size of your home and entryway first. You don't want to overwhelm the space.


2. Install a white picket fence

Does anything say classic more than a white picket fence? While it doesn't absolutely have to be white, a charming fence will fit right in with your traditional home. It will look especially sweet with vibrant flowers or shrubbery.


3. Go for a stone or brick chimney.

It's a huge bonus if you have a fireplace. Not only is building a fire in the cold months a great way to cozy up on the inside, but the chimney provides a great accent on the outside of the home. It doesn't matter if the flue is brick or stone as long as it stands tall and proud.


4. Lay a stone pathway.

If you have the space, install a walkway in either the front or backyard of your traditional home. A variety of materials will work, but we love stepping stones or even cobblestones for texture. You'll up the charm factor and create a fun contrast to the landscaping.


5. Don't forget the door decor.

Add a wreath for an easy way to dress up your front door. (Seriously, door accessories are so important!) You can pick different ones to match the season or incorporate a wreath option that works year-round. And don't settle for basic house numbers, either. Find a set that matches your traditional aesthetic.


6. Paint your door a different color.

Your front door doesn't have to be a different shade than the rest of the exterior, but why not paint it a striking accent color? While traditional homes tend to have muted or more neutral hues, the entryway is the place you can add a splash of vibrancy. The red here is perfect.


7. Hang window shutters.

Traditional homes — and some farmhouses, too — often feature gorgeous shutters on the front facade. When deciding on shutters for your exterior, pick a color that really leaps off the wall so they stand out. On this house, the white shutters against the dark black siding make a bold statement.

8. Add accent lighting.

To complete your inviting entryway, you must have lights! Traditional home exteriors demand to be seen, so having some kind of illumination is a necessity. You can incorporate lampposts in the front lawn, or hardwire sconces to both sides of the front door as Heritage Custom Homes did here.