9 Modern Prefab Homes That Could Turn Your Homeowner Dreams Into a Reality

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When you decide to build a house from start to finish, it can be quite a process. Every little nail, piece of trim, and material seem to require all of your time and attention, even if you're not the one constructing the home with your own two hands. What if you could take away the majority of the guesswork? If you're not so keen on making a million decisions, let us recommend something you may have overlooked: modern prefab homes. Built in sections at an off-site facility and then shipped to your site, they often display clean lines, contemporary accents, and right-this-minute color palettes and material selections.


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Otherwise known as "prefabricated" or "modular," modern prefab homes have plenty of pros. First of all, they tend to be made with environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient materials, if those things top your list. In many cases, they are less expensive than a traditional home built from the ground up. And they can be constructed quickly, especially when you hire a team or company to assemble the dwelling. Then there are the cons. Customization will be tough. Sometimes, you'll be able to choose certain colors and finishes, but as for the main features and layouts, those will be set in stone. Also, don't forget that you'll need to purchase a piece of land for your prefab home as well, which can make things expensive in a hurry.


But if limited options and a speedy construction process sound right up your alley, allow us to present these oh-so-stylish modern prefab homes for your consideration.

1. BluHomes Breezehouse 2100, starting at $545,000

When BluHomes created this model, called "Breezehouse," its name was entirely appropriate. With large wall panels that can be pushed aside, the home literally allows fresh breeze to circulate throughout the home.


2. GO Home by GO Logic 1,100 sq. ft. Single Story Home, $295,000 (Pricing in Maine)

Modern prefab homes tend to have limited square footage, but they're not quite as tiny as tiny homes. For instance, this 1,100 square foot single story home from GO Home by GO Logic might be on the diminutive side, but it's certainly big on style.


3. Turkel Design Axiom 2110, starting at $850,000

Have you ever caught yourself dreaming about those gorgeous midcentury homes in Palm Springs? Well, now you might be able to have one for yourself, even if you don't live in the aforementioned desert oasis. This model from Turkel Design, the Axiom 2110, is prefab to boot. But it looks as if it could have been designed by a mid-mod architect back in the day.


4. Method Homes Cabin Series, starting at $344,090

Sure, a log cabin nestled in the woods is always a lovely choice. But we tend to prefer more modern versions, like this prefab model from Method Homes. Swoon!


5. Stillwater Dwellings Design SD-121, pricing upon request

Prefab modern homes are ideal if you've got your heart set on a piece of land that's marked by beautiful scenery, and may even be a tad bit off the grid. We can absolutely imagine planting this prefab home from Stillwater Dwellings next to a vineyard wine country.


6. Alchemy Marfa weeHouse, pricing upon request

This could be as current as it gets when it comes to modern prefab homes. Even though it's 440 square feet and it's called the "weeHouse," Alchemy Architects dreamed up a home that feels a lot roomier thanks to its open design. Talk about bringing the outside in.


7. Plant Prefab LivingHome 6, starting at $229,920

This Plant Prefab model features a variety of floor plan options, like the U-shaped floor plan that creates a central courtyard entry; the L-shaped floor plan maximizes a private outdoor space; and the Z-shaped floor plan allows for separate wings.


8. Connect Homes Connect 5, starting at $464,632

Lots of glass perfect for soaking up outdoor views? Spacious at 1,600 square feet? A single-story floor plan with no stairs? Sign us up for this modern prefab home.


9. Honomobo HO4 Shipping Container Home, $380 - $700 per square foot

Yes, shipping containers can actually be turned into on-trend modern prefab homes. Honomobo specializes in this type of home construction, as witnessed by this design that easily tucks into a tree-covered hillside.


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