Go Glamping! Supplies You Need in Your Rustic Home Away from Home

credit: Shelter Co.

You no longer have to choose between your love for the outdoors and your love of ... well, staying in hotels. Glamping — or glamorous camping — is the perfect middle ground. Not quite roughing it, but still taking advantage of the glories of nature. However, creating the perfect, luxurious-but-authentic getaway requires careful curation. Turn your rustic adventure into an unforgettably chic experience with these posh products perfect for the outdoors.

A photo of a white tent with mesh sides and tassels in the woods
credit: Stout Tent

To properly glamp, one needs a seriously glamorous tent. This spacious beauty, with roll-up tent walls and mesh screen door, can make even the deepest woods feel like a high-end hotel.

Ceramic mugs seem destined to break in the mountains. Bring these sturdy, limited-edition enamel cups instead — perfect for a romantic cup of coffee beneath the pine trees. (And as a bonus, the company plants a tree for every mug purchased.)

Keep snacks close at hand in this rustic, canvas storage bin. The red canvas walls are durable enough for the woods, and the sturdy wood plank base (reminiscent of a sled) minimizes clean up.

Colorful wooden bowling pins lay on a grass lawn.
credit: Target

Camping's all about fun and games — so don't skip the games just because you're _gl_amping. These colorful wooden bowling pins promise to help while away the lazy afternoon.

sleeping bag with flower insert
credit: REI

There's no reason your sleeping bag can't be glamorous and warm. This comfy number will be sure to keep you cozy and stylish during chilly nights.

Three red plastic packs with a white cloth extending from the topmost pack.
credit: Sephora

For most normal humans, the worst part of camping is the funk. Even if you're glamping, it's tough to construct a proper shower in nature. Wipe off the dirt and sweat with these handy cleansing cloths.

A red metal first aid kit with a white X on the front.
credit: Best Made Co

Heading out into the woods increases your risk of minor injuries — more tree branches to poke you, more dirt to slip on, more rocks to scrape your knee. Be prepared with this first aid kit, which comes in a classic metal container and contains bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn cream, and more.

A white-speckled green percolator.
credit: REI

Making coffee in the woods doesn't have to be a challenge. This vintage-chic percolator just needs a good old-fashioned fire to brew your morning cup of joe.

A bronze lantern.
credit: Amazon

You can't stay up late if you can't see a thing. Keep the party going all night long with this bronze LED lantern, which offers 48 hours of continuous shine.

A blue, yellow, and gray-striped blanket with a leather strap.
credit: Amara

Nothing beats a classic Pendleton blanket to stop the shivering. This twin camp blanket rolls up for easy carry, so you're never without extra warmth.

A black-and-cream mason jar with a citronella candle label.
credit: Etsy

Shoo away those pesky mosquitoes with this citronella soy candle. The rustic design and cream-colored jar perfectly fit the glamping theme.

A teak-legged camp stool with a striped blue-and-white seat.
credit: Serena & Lily

Take a load off in the great outdoors by sitting around the campfire with your pals. These posh striped camping stools work as additional seating or as a place to rest your weary feet.

Three mess kits in canvas pouches.
credit: Chairish

Chow down the Boy Scouts way with these authentically vintage mess kits. (They're even labeled "Odin," the presumed name of their former owner.) Each kit contains a cooking pot, pan, bowl, and plastic cup.

Two open cutlery show a fork and a spoon.
credit: Trouva

How will you eat all of that delicious food you plan to roast over the campfire? Plastic forks just aren't very glamorous — or environmentally friendly. Instead, try this all-inclusive cutlery set, which offers a spoon, fork, corkscrew, foil cutter, pen knife, and bottle opener in one glamp-worthy package.

A briefcase-like wooden desk with a carry case.
credit: Best Made Co

Writing the great American novel in the great outdoors? This handsome wooden desk provides a solid surface to scribble (or type furiously) on, no matter where you're glamping.

Jamie Wiebe

Jamie Wiebe

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