The Best Candles to Buy on Amazon

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Is there really anything better than lighting up a candle to make your home smell like your favorite fragrances? We don't think so. In fact, we totally support a candle obsession. If you want to add to your collection, we searched Amazon for the best of the best, whether you want to gift them or keep them by your bedside table. From long-lasting candles with hours of burn time to aromatherapy options with different scents, check out the best candles you can buy on Amazon, below.


Best Overall

If you want an affordable, soy blend wax candle with a long burn time, a large Chesapeake Bay Candle is for you. Balance + Harmony (a water lily pear scent) is a customer favorite, however, there are plenty of other scents to choose from. Plus, it's 100% recyclable through TerraCycle.


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Best Budget

Bring garden-inspired scents indoors with the help of Mrs. Meyer's soy candles without breaking the bank. Packaged in simple glass jars (that you can totally reuse after) and made with soy and vegetable wax, this candle burns up to 35 hours.

Best Gift

Homesick is stocked with soy wax candles and a scent for every occasion — making them great gifts. Whether it's Mother's Day, the holidays, or you moved into a new home or got a new job, you can bet they have a unique fragrance to match. Not only do they come in adorable packaging, but they're handcrafted with care, making them extra special.


Best Luxury

The iconic Capri Blue Volcano candle from Anthropologie is a dreamy scent that's become quite the cult favorite. Capri Blue is a luxe aromatherapy candle with a mix of tropical and citrus notes. This long-lasting candle comes in a chic glass container with a lid and can burn up to 85 hours.


Best Affordable Luxury

Luxury scents don't have to be over-the-top expensive (we're all for affordable dupes here), thanks to options like Lulu Candles. These vegan candles are made with soy wax and come in so many amazing scents, from a rich and earthy jasmine, oud, and sandalwood to fresh and citrusy wild lemongrass.


Best With Wooden Wick

Candles with wooden wicks make a pleasant crackle sound, just like you're sitting outside next to a cozy fall fire. And with WoodWick's Trilogy Candle, you can experience the sound along with three layers of different (but complementary) scents.


Most Unique

Ditch your average jar candle and decorate your home with this fun and realistic candle that doubles as home decor. Not only does it look like cereal, but the candle smells like it, too. Handmade with vegetable wax and beeswax, this clean-burning candle would make the perfect addition to your coffee table.



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