The 10 Best Fall Scented Candles to Get You in the Mood

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While we're still clinging onto the final moments of summer, we can't help but lean into the fall feels. And there's really no better way to get in the spirit than with warm and spicy autumn aromas.


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We swear by these 10 classic fall fragrances that give the overdone, nauseatingly sweet pumpkin-spice latte cliches a run for their money. Prepare to enter candle heaven.

1. Capri Blue Autumn Candle Tin, $18

The cult classic home fragrance company Capri Blue just released two equally beautiful autumn candles in Pumpkin Clove and Spiced Cider.


2. Diptyque Cannelle Candle, $68

You truly can't go wrong with anything Diptyque. Get ready for spicy cinnamon bark to fill your home with the coziest of aromas.


3. Otherland Manor House Weekend Seasonal Edition, $36

Otherland's fall collection pulls from memories of "autumns spent growing up in the New England countryside." Choose from six warming aromas, including Cardamon Milk, Crisp Cornflower, and Mountain Lace.


4. Public Goods Cedar & Suede Scented Candle, $5.95

Cedarwood, jasmine, amber, and oakmoss come together to create this high-end looking, über affordable candle.


5. Byredo Tree House Candle, $85

One of Byredo's most popular scents, Tree House, combines cedar, bamboo, sandalwood, guaiac wood, and hay to create a spellbinding woody and aromatic fragrance.


6. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Harvest Spice Speckled Ceramic Fall Candle, $34.99

Savor this extra large sweet and spicy soy candle, enclosed in a chic glazed ceramic jar.


7. Le Labo Santal 26 Candle, $78

A combination of seven classic fall scents — amber, cocoa, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, and sandalwood — Santal 26 will be sure to warm up the crispest of fall days.


8. Boy Smells Cedar Stack Scented Candle, $32

The woodsiness of cedar chips and dried tobacco is softened by intoxicating floral notes.

9. Homesick Apple Orchard Candle, $34

It doesn't get much more fall than apple picking. Let's welcome the season in the most comforting of ways.

10. Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Spice Candle, $19.95

This limited-edition eco-friendly essential oil candle combines cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and pumpkin to create this quintessentially autumn scent. A classic done right.