12 Under-$20 H&M Home Finds for a Backyard Picnic

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Outdoor areas feel even more precious when you need to stay home. In lieu of heading to a nearby beach or park, make the most out of your patio, backyard, or balcony and arrange a picnic for yourself and/or the people you live with at home.

For an especially dapper meal under the sun, we gathered a few items from H&M Home at affordable prices. These items are great for giving you inspiration to use what you already have, while also adding a few new items.

Check out some of our picks below.

1. Bouclé Throw, $17.99

First things first: find a cozy blanket to create your picnic space. We like this throw for its neutral color and comfy look.

2. Patterned Cotton Seat Cushion, $12.99

If you want to make things extra fancy, add in a seat cushion or two. We love this one in a sunny shade.

3. Lightweight Beach Towel, $12.99

Bring in beach vibes with this towel — bonus points for it being lightweight, making it easier to store.

4. Small Porcelain Plate, $9.99

On to the al fresco dining essentials. If you can, treat yourself to a few adorable plates, like this small porcelain one, specifically reserved for your outdoor soirées.

5. Metal Cutlery Basket, $9.99

Keep your cutlery in one place with this chic little basket (and use it indoors, too).

6. Terracotta Serving Bowl, $19.99

Speaking of multi-use pieces, put this serving bowl to work by using it to carry snacks from inside to your picnic area. Again, we love the earthy, neutral tone of this piece, too.

7. Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover, $17.99

Consider taking your indoor pillows outdoors, with the help of this cushion cover. The more pillows, the better, in our opinion.

8. Metal Cake Stand, $19.99

Doing lots of baking? Put your hard work on display with this stand (great for that Insta photo you're going to take of your picnic, too).

9. Lunchbox with Cutlery, $12.99

Don't forget about the little ones if you have some at home. Grab a lunchbox with cutlery for them to feel special during your outdoor meal.

10. Patterned Cooler Bag, $12.99

On that note, this adorable cooler bag is useful for both kids and adults.

11. 2-pack Linen Napkins, $12.99

Up the classy factor (and save the environment a little) with these linen napkins.

12. Small Straw Storage Basket, $24.99

You'll need something to tote all these lovely supplies with, and a woven basket seems incredibly fitting. Use it for storage indoors during the rest of the year.

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